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Apple’s First Notchless iPhone: Leaks, Release Date & All



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Smartphone makers have been fascinated with lowering phone bezels and turning phones into full screens on the front, for the last decade or so. To dear Apple fans, you will have to wait longer for the first notchless iPhone. Apple's development team is working hard on improving its front camera and Face ID technology. So, they can remove the notch entirely and pull out the full-screen iPhone design. So, when will Apple release a notchless iPhone? As of now, we can expect to get the first iPhone without a notch in 2024. That means the notchless design will feature in the future iPhone 16 series. It’s because Apple is taking its time figuring out how to effectively incorporate the camera. The information comes from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Curious, don’t you? In this post, we have compiled all the information about Apple’s first notchless iPhone 2024.

Notchless iPhone Model: Everything You Need To Know

Apple is making headway toward its goal of delivering a high-quality pair of cameras underneath the display according to Ming-Chi Kuo. But he did not mention an in-display Face ID for this iPhone range. The fact is full-screen iPhone design means the under-display camera will be used for the Face ID sensor. We've seen a few manufacturers place the front camera under the display. But the results haven't been promising. This is because the functionality hasn't yet matured and become completely functional.

when will apple release a notchless iphone, notchless iphone model, under display face id iphone, full screen iphone

In this situation, Apple will definitely take its time to bring this enhancement to the best performance. Thus it's conceivable that by 2024, it'll figure out a method to merge both the Face ID sensor and the front camera underneath the iPhone's screen. Kuo feels that delaying the technology's release is Apple's method of allowing the industry to work through the issues. Besides his tweet, Apple's new patent earlier this month stated that Apple may remove the iPhone's notch and place the TrueDepth camera system underneath the iPhone's display. In this technology, the display will produce light from the front surface, while apertures transfer light from the front to the rear. As a result, Apple may incorporate a camera in the display's back surface, which will be designed to take photos.

When We Will Get The First Notchless iPhone

In the last several weeks, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed a lot of information on future iPhones and other Apple goods. He also said that the next AirPods Pro might get released later this year or early in 2023. According to him, the upcoming iPhone 16 would have a notch-free design thanks to an under-display camera and Face ID. This will happen around 2024. 

when will apple release a notchless iphone, notchless iphone model, under display face id iphone, full screen iphone

"The first truly full-screen iPhone, in my opinion, will be introduced in 2024." According to Kuo's Twitter account, high-end iPhones will incorporate an under-display frontal camera in addition to an under-display Face ID in 2024. "A low-light situation is detrimental to front camera quality, and ISP and analytics are essential for enhancing quality," he said.

So, iPhone 16 series will be the first real notchless iPhone. But the term ‘high-end iPhone’ is worth noticing here. It implies that the improvements stated above will only apply to the Pro series. The non-Pro versions may still have the signature notch that Apple has kept on non-SE iPhones since the iPhone X. 

What Are The Upcoming Apple Projects? 

Apple seems to establish a manufacturing goal for the device. It implies that the debut date may be a lot closer than we think. Take this information with a grain of salt as Apple has confirmed nothing about full-screen iPhone. There are several factors that might lead to a shift in planning in the future. The forecast is noteworthy, not for the date we're talking three iPhones down the road. But because Kuo believes Apple has abandoned the notion of an under-display Touch ID fingerprint reader. However, Kuo isn't the only one who has predicted this. Another Apple expert, Ross Young, said in March that the iPhone 16 would include under-display Face ID, but not under-display Touch ID. The notch may be phased out of the iPhone in its present shape as early as this year. The iPhone 14 Pro versions, according to Kuo, would feature a pill-shaped cutout on top instead of a complete notch. Also, according to recent iPhone 14 reports, Apple may update the front camera to a better aperture of about f/1.9 from f/2.2. So, it can be a steeping stone toward the notch removal and under-display front camera plan. Therefore, for the time being, let’s focus on Apple's plans for 2022, especially iPhone 14 series.

So, that’s all for today. For more Apple updates, follow TechBurner!

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