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Be the Last Man Standing: Tips to Survive Till the Last Zone in BGMI



Last Zone in BGMI
Last Zone in BGMI

Surviving is more challenging than winning in BGMI. There are multiple challenges that can keep players away from surviving in a match. The duration of the match is directly proportional to the level of intensity experienced in a match. BGMI has shrinking zones that keeps bringing the alive players closer to each other. It is important to stay inside the safe blue zone, as exiting the zone can take away health. Therefore, it becomes important to survive till the last zone in BGMI. Surviving in BGMI can get difficult as you progress through the tiers of the game, but there are a few tips to survive in a match.

Camp if You Have To

Camping is not appreciated in BGMI, and it can get frustrating for a number of players to see other players camp. However, if you want to survive till the last zone of the match, camping can be a great contributor. It keeps you hidden from the enemies while allowing you to keep a close eye on them. If you are someone who like to pick up a lot of kills, this is not for you, but if you want to survive till the last zone and win, you can try this.

Last Zone in BGMI

Map Out Rotations

The safe zone in BGMI is every changing, and ever rotating. Therefore, staying in the same place for a long time will not work in your favour. The best alternative is to map out the rotations of the team. Rotation means the movements and directions that the team will take while changing positions. This decision-making requires a good understanding of the map, and the path of the plane, and strong zone predictions. Avoiding the edges of the map will be a good idea for players who want to survive till the last zone.

Move with the Zone

Zone shifts can be drastic and brutal in BGMI. There are two kinds of shift in the zone. These are soft shifts and hard shifts. Soft shift means that two consecutive zones have formed not very far from each other. A hard shift is when a zone shifts drastically in an unexpected manner. In situations like these, it is best to move with the zone. Hard shifts can make previously decided rotations to be ineffective. Moving with the zone, and deciding on a safe location, can take you a long way in the game.

Last Zone in BGMI

Keep an Eye on Airdrops

Airdrops are more than just additional loot in BGMI. These not only give you unique weapons for the match, but it also helps in predicting the zone. It is usually noticed that the location where the airdrops land, are always included in the immediately next zone. This means that if you keep a close eye on airdrops, you can move to a safer location inside the zone, and gate keep it from the players trying to get inside it.

Last Zone in BGMI

Observe the Path of the Plane

The path of the plane determines a lot of things for players in BGMI. It has been noticed that the zone mostly forms around the path of the plane unless there is a hard shift. Staying close to the path of the plane might sound competitive and risky, but one can easily stay in the covers and secure the position of the entire squad. Staying behind a cover and together are the key aspects of survival in BGMI. Make sure to never expose yourself in the open.

Last Zone in BGMI

These were the tips that can help you survive till the last zone in BGMI. It is a challenging game, but it is not difficult to come out on top if you know the important tips. For more such content, and game guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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