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Best Chinese Apps Alternatives: India Bans 59 Chinese Apps



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Due to significant security issues in TikTok, we were searching for the best Indian alternative for TikTok. TikTok is a well-known content creation app that allows users to create and upload videos. In terms of security, the Chinese have been known to be notorious for data breaches. It doesn’t mean that a popular app can’t have a security issue. According to Check Point, they found some serious flaws in TikTok’s security. Researchers said that hackers could access your account and do whatever they want. TikTok is not the only app with vulnerabilities. So, we will provide you with the best Indian alternative for TikTok. The significant security vulnerabilities have led to a ban on 59 Chinese apps in India. Thus, we have come out with the best Chinese apps alternatives. Read ahead to know about the best Indian alternative for Chinese apps.

Best Alternative of Chinese Mobile Apps

We are providing you with the best Indian alternative for TikTok and other Chinese apps that will help you in day-to-day usage. So, check out the alternative of Chinese apps in India for both Android and iOS users:

Alternatives of Parallel Space

We are starting with our first alternative of Chinese apps in India. Clone App is an excellent alternative to Parallel Space. It works similar to Parallel Space. It lets us run Multiple accounts, and we can clone WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. We can also apply WhatsApp colourful skins at the same time by cloning the app.

Features Of Clone App

  • It supports different colour themes, such as dark mode, gold mode, and more.
  • It allows us to customize the icon of the app.
  • No ads.
  • Supports popular games for cloning.
  • Magic stickers.
  • We can clone WhatsApp in a few seconds without any issue.


Clone App

Let’s move ahead to other best Indian alternative for Chinese apps.

Alternatives of WeChat 

WeChat is a Chinese app. We have three best alternatives to Chinese mobile apps. The first is Hike Messenger, then WhatsApp, and the last one is Telegram.

Hike Sticker Chat – Alternative of Chinese Apps In India

Hike Sticker Chat is fun & expressive messaging app. It allows us to talk to our friends and family with amazing and cool Indian stickers. We can create our emoji and customize it according to our needs. Hike Sticker Chat features a virtual home feature where we create our home and invite our buddies or other close people.

Features Of Hike
  • We can schedule to watch videos together like a theatre.
  • We can make our own virtual home and add people to it.
  • It suggests suitable recommendations for replies.
  • It allows us to hide chats.
  • More funny and expressive stickers.
  • We can create our stickers.
  • We can add Hike stickers to WhatsApp.


Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a top-rated and free messaging app. It lets us do messages, calls, and video calls to our friends and family. WhatsApp supports nearly every device out there.

Features Of WhatsApp

  • No ads.
  • No charges.
  • It features offline messages option.
  • No login and logout required.
  • We can make groups.
  • WhatsApp allows us to add 250 participants in a group.
  • Web-version is also available.


Telegram is a fast and most secure messaging app. It offers a secret chat option, which destroys the message after a specific time from both participating devices. Moreover, we can also create chatbots to manage group activities of up to 2,00,000 participants. Some brands even use Telegram as a support service. These are the best alternative to Chinese apps in India.

Features Of Telegram
  • No ads.
  • Simple UI.
  • Up to 2,00,000 users can join a group.
  • We can send unlimited files of different file types and sizes.


Hike | WhatsApp | Telegram

Alternatives to CamScanner 

Adobe Scan

The best Chinese apps alternatives to CamScanner are Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens. Adobe Scan is a free document scanning app that converts our device into a powerful portable scanner. It also detects text automatically using OCR.

Features Of Adobe Scan
  • We can save documents to cloud storage for instant access
  • Erase stains, marks, and creases from scanned documents to make it look fresh.
  • It makes any content scannable and reusable.
  • It gives editing features.

Microsoft Office Lens

Lens lets us convert images to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Moreover, we can save to OneNote,  OneDrive, or phone storage as well as. It saves a lot of time, and we don’t need to find business cards or any documents in our wardrobe – simply scan and upload. Students can use it as a pocket scanner—no need to worry about going to physical shops for scanning purposes.

Alternatives to TikTok 

Roposo – Best Indian Alternative For TikTok

Roposo is the best Indian alternative for TikTok. The best Indian alternative for TikTok-Roposo is a video creating and sharing app. It comes with 100+ filters and many features. There are 25+ unique channels available on Roposo to create and share videos. You can earn money too by sharing and creating videos. Must try this best Indian alternative for TikTok.

Features of Roposo
  • 20+ Entertainment Channels.
  • Haha TV for funny videos.
  • It allows us to share videos and photos to WhatsApp status.


Triller is also one of the best alternatives to Chinese mobile apps. It allows us to create a video with a massive collection of filters and features. We can edit our videos and make them more impressive. Also, we can access the top trending tracks from the library to add tracks to our videos.

Alternatives to UC Browser and Mi Browser

The best Indian alternative for Chinese apps is JioBrowser and the US-based Google Chrome.


Jio browser is the best browser alternative of Chinese apps in India. It is the first Indian browser app made for the Indian community. It respects user privacy. During secure surfing, it shows the latest and exciting news and videos. Here are some features.
Features Of JioBrowser
  • It allows private browsing.
  • Dark Mode Support.
  • Can add quick links and edit/delete them.
  • Desktop site view is available.
  • Shows the latest news and videos.
  • Clean User Interface.
  • Light-weight browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a premier web browser. It brings us personalized articles and allows us to add quick links to our favourite sites, downloads, and Google Search. It also has an inbuilt Google translator and voice search.

Features Of Google Chrome

  • Autofill passwords and details.
  • Incognito mode.
  • Voice search.
  • Google Translator.


JioBrowser | Google Chrome 

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Alternatives to WPS Office 

We have three best alternatives to Chinese mobile apps.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has every Microsoft service in a single app. We can use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint in a separate app, and save it one drive or our local storage. It makes the work easier.

Features Of Microsoft Office

  • All-in-one app.
  • We can create PDFs from photos or documents.
  • A wide range of templates is available such as resume, budget, presentations, and more.


OfficeSuite lets us easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It has an integrated file manager and chats option to exchange documents through the app.

Features Of OfficeSuite
  • Supports multiple formats such as DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, and more.
  • It has Integrated spell checker.
  • Available in 68 languages.
  • Also, it supports the Japanese font.
  • Digital Signature.
  • Multiple themes.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe storage place for all our files. We can store videos, photos, and documents and never lose them as long as we can access the account. Further, we can also invite others to view and edit. It allows us to share the storage too. We can use our device to scan the document and add them to Google Drive.

Features Of Google Drive
  • Offline mode.
  • Easily share with someone.
  • We can customize who can view the file or folder.
  • We can view the file’s details and activities.
  • Encrypt the files and folders.


Microsoft Office |Google Drive | OfficeSuite

It was our last alternative of Chinese apps in India of WPS Office.

Alternatives to Zoom Video Calls

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video calling app that allows up to 100 participants per meeting. It is encrypted with transit and proactive anti-abuse measures to make our meetings safer. We can invite the person by sharing the link.

Features Of Google Meet

  • High-quality meetings.
  • Email integration with Gmail and Outlook.
  • We can share the screen as well.
  • Real-time captions.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool that provides a way to communicate and allows us to work together. We can share information via common space.
Features Of Microsoft Teams
  • One-on-one chat.
  • Team chat.
  • Document collaboration.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Meetings lets us host online meetings with high definition video and audio quality. It has also feature for screen sharing. It gives us a customizable video layout. Let’s move ahead to our next best alternative of Chinese mobile apps.

Alternatives to PUBG And Call of Duty


Fortnite is a survival game like PUBG. Up to 100 players fight against each other, and the last one standing wins the game. The concept is similar to PUBG, but the theme is entirely different. Moreover, it has some uniques features and controls which PUBG doesn’t have.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is another survival shooter game available for Android and iOS. Here, we get 10mins in which we have to face 49 enemies, and the last one standing wins the game. We can say it is a smaller version of PUBG and Call Of Duty.


Fortnite | Garena Free Fire

Alternatives to App Lock 

Norton App Lock

Our next item in the list of best Chinese apps alternatives is Norton App lock. Norton is an excellent alternative to App Lock. Norton Lock secures our applications. We can ensure the privacy of apps by security PIN, password, or we can also use a lock screen pattern.


Norton App Lock

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Alternatives to Clean Master and DU Speed Booster 

Our next best alternative of Chinese mobile apps are Files By Google and Norton Clean.

Files By Google

Files By Google helps us to share files with others, fast and without the need for data. We can also save our files to phone storage. When we go out of the room, it gives us some advice about what to clean and what not to.

Features Of Files By Google

  • We can share files offline.
  • Secured sharing.
  • It allows safe storage of files.
  • It increases device performance.

Norton Clean

Norton Clean is a cleaner app that helps us to recover storage space on our Android device by cleaning junk files and removing unwanted files.

Features Of Norton Clean
  • It clears the cache.
  • Also, removes junk files.
  • It optimizes phone space.
  • Manages your apps.
  • It warns about malicious files and folders.


File By Google | Norton Clean

Alternatives to ShareIt, Xender and Mi Drop

Share All

Share All is a file-sharing app. It doesn’t matter how big the file is, and we can share different sizes of data without the need of internet. We can share applications, videos, photos, music, office, PDF, and much more.

Features OF ShareAll

  • No internet connection required.
  • Available for free.
  • We can share different file types and sizes.
  • Share with the speed of up to 20 Mb/s.


Share All

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Alternatives to Helo 


ShareChat is the best Indian alternative for Chinese apps. It is a combination of posts from various sources such as best WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp sticker, funny videos, and more. We get general knowledge and current affairs videos for students daily.

Features of ShareChat
  • We can download jokes, memes, trolls, etc.
  • It shows trendy content according to your locality.
  • Available in 15 languages.
  • We can repost photos and videos.



Alternatives to VivaVideo

Photo Video Maker

Photo Video Maker is the best application for creating videos. It helps us to create slideshows by just selecting photos. We can add music, text, stickers, filter, and much more to our creation.

Features Of Photo Video Maker
  • Clean and easy to use.
  • It provides editing options, like adding stickers, cropping pictures, etc.
  • Different themes and stickers are available.
  • A massive collection of photo frames are available.


KineMaster is free video editing apps. For those who want to edit fantastic videos with their phones, this is the best app. We can add music, photos, transitions, and more to our videos.

Features Of KineMaster

  • Add and combine multiple layers of multimedia.
  • We can add a reverse video transition effect.
  • It supports 4K video quality.
  • Multiple filters are available.
  • We can do voice over.
  • Use speed control function for time-lapse and slow-motion videos.


KineMaster | Photo Video Maker

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Alternatives to Beauty Plus & YouCam Perfect

Indian Selfie – Best Alternative Of Chinese Mobile Apps

It is the best Indian alternative for Chinese apps. Indian Selfie is an Indian-made selfie camera app. It can make our selfies more beautiful with amazing filters and effects.

Features Of Indian Selfie

  • Wide range of filters and effects.
  • Vignette and retro filters.
  • No shutter sound.
  • Skin retouch tool.
  • Works with rear and front camera.


Snapseed is a photo editing and camera app by Google. It has a complete set of professional tools.

Features Of Snapseed

  • Almost 29 filters and tools.
  • It tunes images automatically.
  • Controls white balance.
  • Blur the photos quickly.
  • Automatically edits beautiful photos.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

It is a free camera app that lets us add the most useful filters and effects for our photos before we even take the shot.

Features Of Adobe Photoshop Camera

  • It automatically edits the clicks.
  • Fun filters.
  • Real-time effects.


Indian Selfie | Snapseed | Adobe Photoshop Camera

Alternatives to TurboVPN


ProtonVPN is the best virtual private network app for Android. It gives a more reliable connection with faster speed, and even more safety features.



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Alternatives to AliExpress, ClubFactory, and Shein


IndiaMart is the best place for business-to-business transactions. It is filled with buyers and sellers. Here, we can list our products and services. It is the best way to connect buyers to sellers for profit. We can find and buy goods in bulk and contact sellers quickly.

Amazon India

Amazon is a well-known site for buying goods. Here, we can find one product in different variations such as size, colour, etc. Amazon provides many extra services like mobile recharge, DTH recharge. We can also pay bills, book flights, etc.

Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall is India’s leading online shopping brand. It has many products with the hefty offer and sometimes with 100% cashback. There are a variety of products available with excellent product quality.


IndiaMart | Amazon India | Paytm Mall

These are the alternative to Chinese apps in India. We hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share these best alternative of Chinese mobile apps with your friends and family. Also, check out the apps that are banned in India.

TikTok and other 58 Chinese Apps Banned in India

That’s All For Today. Stay Tuned With TECHBURNER For More Tech Stuff.



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