Best Free Online Games in 2020: Enjoy Your Quarantine

The craze of mobile gaming has increased a lot. Especially if we talk about PUBGM, it is the only game that had so much growth in so little time. PUBG Mobile also influenced other gaming carriers. Well, who doesn’t like to play games? Everyone likes to play games. The Play Store is filled with millions of games. So we can’t test every game out there because our internet is so precious. That’s why we have come up with the top 5 trending games in 2020 for you. We can consider these games as the most popular online games in 2020. These games are based on the enjoyment level, download size, and popularity. We tried our best to choose the best free online games in 2020. Let’s start with the first best mobile games Android 2020.

Best Free Online Games

1. Reaction Training

Our first best mobile games Android 2020 is Reaction Training. Reaction Training tests our response time. How much time do you take to react to something? There are lots of reaction games under this app. It comes with a clean and simple user interface. This is an excellent application to train your brain and memory. Also, it helps you improve your psychological stability. Our response time should be in milliseconds. It is difficult to pass a test on the first try. The reaction time of every person varies. But when we tested a group, almost every person failed in the first try. There are 15 reaction tests in the form of a Schulte table. Reaction Training link is given below. Let’s go ahead to the next of most popular online games in 2020.


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2. 8 Ball Pool: World’s #1 Pool Game

8 Ball Pool is the most popular pool game on the Google Play Store. It is a virtual multiplayer pool game. This game is available on the Play Store as well on Miniclip. You can compete in one-on-one matches or play against 8 players in a tournament. There are 17 exclusive match locations where you can bet and play. If you win, you will get double the amount. You also acquire multiple cues to hit the ball. We can upgrade those cues with the 8 Ball Pool money. The best thing about the 8 Ball Pool is the trick shots. If you know the trick shots, you easily defeat anyone. It also can show off your skills. We will provide the 8 Ball Pool download link down below.


3. Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Simulation games are made to live out the roles of different characters, like a surgeon or a bus driver. Bus Simulator is one of the finest and best free online games. This game allows you to drive to different cites. We can also start our own company, hire different drivers, and assign them roles. It is very easy to play, like any other driving game. Bus Simulator comes with realistic reactions and passengers. Moreover, it comes with 13 different coach busses. The game is available in 25 languages. Bus Simulator gives you all the things you could need from a driving simulation game. We very much recommend this app. Download Bus Simulator directly from the given link.


4. Alto’s Odyssey

 Alto’s Odyssey is one of the top 5 trending games in 2020. If you are the kind of person who loves nature’s relaxing sound, then the Alto’s Odyssey is made for you. Alto’s Odyssey is based on a boy’s sandboarding journey. The boy starts his journey on a sandboard and tries to capture the beautiful nature with his eyes. It feels like we are also doing the sandboarding. This makes the game more realistic. Surpassing those thrilling canyons and dunes makes the game adventurous. The most amazing things are the weather and the lighting. The weather of the game changes with the sound, which makes the game more relaxing. The whole in-game audio is handcrafted. We get six unique characters that can be unlocked using coins. The direct download link is given below.


5. Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

IAF- India Airforce Force. This game is proudly made with inspiration from our unbeatable Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force game represents the life of an Indian Airforce warrior — about how he defeats the enemies and protect his country without any fear. This game shows how far ahead our country is in aviation. In single-player, players will be taught how to fly and land the aircraft perfectly. Also, there will ten highly actionable missions. The game is based on real Indian air force practices. So, players will also get to know about the tactics and weapons.


6.Ace Commando

Another one of the most popular online games in 2020 is Ace Commando. Ace Commando is an action-packed shooting game. It is a military-based game that comes with multiple missions and different locations. It features Realistic and High Fidelity Graphics. There are Over 20 Real World Weapons with different visuals and sound effects.


These are the Best Mobile Games Android 2020. Must download these Apps and share your reviews in the comment section below. We hope you liked it.

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