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Caviar Brings New Warrior Collection for iPhone 12 Pro



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Caviar is the company that comes up with luxury phones and accessories in a bold and royal style. It is a Russian brand and has developed the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max having a lavish enclosure coated with diamonds, gold. There earlier was a collection, but now a new collection has been added called Warrior collection that features fragments of some ancient weapons for its Warrior themed collection.


The most expensive model is the Mao model that got its name from the Mao Long spear used during the time of the Han dynasty in China. It has a 24-carat gold plate around its back. Its price starts at $36,950 for the iPhone 12 Pro variant with 128GB storage and goes up to $44,720 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max variant having 512GB of storage.

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