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CoD Mobile Guide: How to Be The Top Performer in Free For All



CoD Mobile Guide
CoD Mobile Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile is a highly popular game. The multiplayer battle royale game has multiple modes and game option for the players to try and experience. There are two major modes or options to choose from for the players, the battle royale mode and the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode has further options of multiple other modes with different objectives of every match. This CoD Mobile guide will help you perform well in one of these modes.

CoD Mobile Guide

In most multiplayer modes, a minimum amount of coordination among teammates is essential. Having a good team is a bonus, and can help you get the best results. That being said, this CoD Mobile guide will let you know everything about the mode where you are on your own, the Free for All mode.

What is the Free for All Mode?

As the name suggests, this mode is not a team mode. The Free for All mode in CoD Mobile is every player for themselves. There are 8 players on the map, going against everyone. The first player to reach the mark of 20 kills, wins the match. The ranking system on the game is based on the number of kills done by every player. There are no assists in this mode since there are no teams. Every player needs to make sure to secure their kills entirely, or any other player can take the kill up. On dying, players spawn at different points on the map.

Benefits of Playing Free for All Mode

Zero Dependency

Since most of the modes in the game are team-based, it is very easy to think that this mode will be difficult, but the truth is that this mode comes with zero dependency on other players. You are the master of your own fate, and solely responsible for the win or the loss in a match. This helps you stay more focused and pay full attention to the game and the enemies around.

CoD Mobile Guide

Understanding All Guns and Weapons

There are multiple guns and weapons in Call of Duty:Mobile. Players have multiple preferences of weapons in the game, but while playing the battle royale mode, you might not get the weapon you want. Therefore, it is important to know how every weapon in the game functions, and what level of control every weapon requires.

Increases Awareness

The lack of a team also means that there is a lack of “calls” given in every match. There will no assistance, and you are on your own. This will increase the in -game awareness of the players, and help them track enemies faster while moving around on the map. The Free for All mode is also helpful for players who want to enhance their close combat skills for ranked matches.

Tips for Free for All Mode

Early Bird Gets the Worm

The advantages of the Free for All mode are numerous. If you start playing this mode early, it will match you with low tier players. This is a good way of practising your skills with real players rather than AI. Playing against real players will put you up against real skills and reactions while helping in faster tier progression. For beginners, it is a good mode as they can work on their skills and understanding of the game mechanics before playing against players from higher tier.

CoD Mobile Guide

Use Spawn Points

There are no defined or designated spawn points in the Free for All mode. However, spending some time in the match will let you understand the points where players spawn after they are killed. Using these spawn points to pick up maximum kills can help players win the match faster. One thing to keep in mind is that on respawn, every player has a short duration of invincibility, attacking after this has worn off can take the enemy by surprise and help you pick up more kills.

CoD Mobile Guide

High-Damage Guns are the Key

Weapons are lethal in CoDM, but some weapons are more suited to this mode than others. Using shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sub-Machine Guns can be a good option for players. These guns have higher damage in close range, and can help you get more kills. Shotguns do not come with auto-fire functionality, but mastering that can give you faster kills.

This was all you needed to know about the Free for All mode. This CoD Mobile guide will help you understand everything about the game and ace it. For more such game guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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