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Entire Budget Gaming PC Build for INR 50K: How to Get the Best



Gaming PC Build
Gaming PC Build

Gaming PCs are good to have. Experiencing multiple games on a setup that can handle them is an enhanced experience. However, due to the global chip shortage, the prices of PC parts and peripherals are rising. This makes it harder for users to build a PC while being in a budget, but this is not impossible. This article will help you assemble a budget gaming PC build that can deliver a good gaming experience. The budget set for the video is INR 50K.


Intel Core i3 12100F

The Intel Core i3 12th Gen is the latest entry-level CPU from Intel. This processor is the best budget option for gamers. The quad-core processor comes with 8 threads, and a base clock of 3.3Ghz along with up to 4.3Ghz boost clock. With this processor, you can use 3200Mhz RAM with DDR4  motherboards, and with DDR5 motherboards, this processor supports up to 4800Mhz RAM. This processor comes within the price bracket of INR 10K. No other processor is available with the same specs in this price range.

Gaming PC Build


Gigabyte H610

This is a basic motherboard that now has the support for NVMe SSD. There are two RAM slots for dual-channel, along with support for high-frequency RAM. One thing to keep in mind is that this motherboard does not support DDR5 RAM, you can only use DDR4 RAM on it. The motherboard is available for a price of INR 6K-6.5K.

Gaming PC build


Nvidia Quadro T400 2 GB

GPU is the central component of a gaming PC, and it is very important to use one that meets your requirements. GPU prices are constantly fluctuating, and therefore, the Nvidia Quadro T400 can be a good option for the build. The GPU is able to deliver good gaming performance at 1080p low-medium settings. The 2 GB VRAM might seem less, but is capable of handling games like Apex Legends and Valorant easily.

Gaming PC Build


8GB RAM Stick

The RAM configuration in this build is 8 GB single stick. This was important to stay in budget. If your budget is slightly higher, then you can choose a configuration based on your preference. The 12th Gen Intel processors now support higher frequency RAM, and therefore we have included an 8 GB RAM stick with, 3200Mhz frequency. The motherboard supports 2 RAM slots, so you can make upgrades in the future. A single 8 GB RAM stick costs around INR 3-3.5K.

gaming PC build



Games and programs are heavy, and it is important to have enough storage for all of that. Adding a 512 GB SSD can give you enough storage with for Windows, Programs, and Games. A 512 GB NVMe SSD is priced between INR 5-5.5K, and can be a good addition to your system. If you want more storage, you can add an HDD to the build too.


450W PSU Pack

The reason for using a 450W PSU is that the processor and the GPU in the build are not very power hungry. Using a 450W bronze certified PSU will deliver enough power for the system to run smoothly and efficiently. The GPU takes power directly from the PCIe slot, and does not need an external connection for power. You can get a 450W PSU at a price of INR 2.5K-3K.


Antec NX292

The Antex NX292 is a new cabinet in the market. The price and features of the cabinet are good for its price. There are 3 RGB fans on the front along with the mesh design, giving that gaming aesthetic to the build. The rear of the cabinet houses another non-RGB 120 mm fan for better airflow. Not only this, the cabinet also comes with a PSU shroud and magnetic dust filter. It is priced under INR 3K, and this adds to the popularity of this case.

Budget Gaming PC build

This completes the gaming PC build, but since this is a full setup build, we have also included an option of peripherals like monitor, keyboard, and mouse. These peripherals are in budget, and can be added to complete the build.


BenQ 22-inch IPS

The colours on an IPS panel are very vibrant and vivid. This means that the gaming performance will be good, along with media consumption. The monitor will cost you around INR 11K. This might sound a little expensive, but the prices of monitors are fluctuating daily.


AntEsports MK1300 Mini

This is a mechanical keyboard with a mini size. The small form factor of the keyboard makes it easier for you to incorporate that in any system or build. If you are looking for a mini mechanical keyboard for your setup, this can be a good option for you. It also comes with RGB lights, and since it is a portable keyboard, it is easy to travel with it. The keyboard costs around INR 2K.


Budget Gaming PC build


HP m150

Since this is a budget build, the mouse in this is a basic gaming mouse from HP. The m150 supports up to 1600dpi support. If you are a beginner, then this mouse is the right choice for you. The blue and black theme gives a muted look to the entire setup.

This completes the entire PC build setup. Headphones or other audio peripherals are optional based on your requirements. This PC build will be able to handle gaming and some light productivity work. For more such gaming PC build, keep an eye on Techburner.

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