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PC Build of the Week: INR 50,000 Gaming PC That Can Also Edit



Budget plays a major role in PC building. Not everyone can afford a high-end PC build, and there are multiple configurations that can fit your budget. INR 50,000 is a comfortable budget for a lot of people, and there are multiple configurations that can be assembled in this budget. In this version of PC build of the week, we take a look at a PC build that can game and edit videos. Users can game at the 1080p resolution in most games.

Processor: Intel Core i5 11400F

The Intel Core i5 11400F is a Rocket Lake based processor. This processor comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. The number of cores and threads can handle most tasks. If your primary focus is gaming, this processor can handle any game on the 1080p resolution. You might have to experiment with the graphics settings depending on the game, but you will not experience any lag or stutter. The Core i5 processor comes with a base clock frequency of 2.6GHz and a boost clock frequency of 4.4GHz. The TDP of 65W makes the processor power-efficient, and it also supports high-frequency RAM, which is not a common thing in Intel processors.

PC Build of the week

Motherboard: H510M

The processor recommended for this PC build does not require a very powerful or high-end motherboard. An H510M motherboard will be a good fit for the processor and the budget as well. It comes with 2 RAM slots for dual-channel memory, and also has support for NVMe. The heat syncs and the VRM sections are good and do not let the components get overheated and misbehave. The processor and the motherboard can be bought in a bundle for a price of INR 16,000. The motherboard is also future-proof as it supports Intel 12th Gen processors as well.

PC Build of the week

Memory: 8 GB 3200MHz

Programs, applications, plug-ins and extensions are getting heavier every day. Therefore, it is important to choose a memory that can help the PC build without bottlenecking the performance. To stay within budget, we have gone with a single stick 8 GB configuration. The 3200MHz RAM stick will be a good option to start with, and then you can upgrade the same in the future. Since the motherboard supports a dual RAM configuration, you can add an extra RAM stick in the future for more performance. The 8 GB RAM stick will handle all the games, along with 1080p video editing. A good RAM stick with a 3200MHz frequency will cost around INR 2,900.

PC Build of the week

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GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti

Yes, this is an old GPU, but the performance of this GPU is still very good in 1080p gaming and video editing. You can get more than 100 FPS in games like CS: GO and Valorant. For GTA V, the GPU can easily give out 75-80 FPS on the highest graphics settings. If you are someone who enjoys Apex Legends, then this card can give out 60 FPS in the game at the highest settings. Video rendering speed might not be very fast on this GPU, but it will get the job done. The single fan edition of the GPU does not consume a lot of power and will not overheat the internals of your cabinet. The GPU currently costs around INR 16-17,000.

PC Build of the week

PSU: 550W

PSU delivers the required power to all the components in the PC build. It is important to choose a good PSU because otherwise, it can be the greatest threat to the PC build. A 550W PSU can handle all the tasks and processes of the PC. Ratings also play a major role in selecting a PSU. Go for a minimum of bronze rating. A good 550W PSU will cost you around INR 3,200-3,500.

PC Build of the week

Storage: 250 GB + 512 GB

A good storage configuration is important if you are building a multitasking PC. A 256 GB SSD will bring the much-required speed and smoothness to the system. Since we are on a budget, choosing a 512 GB hard drive seemed like a better option. However, if you have any old HDD, you can use it on the PC build. The SSD can have all the programs that you use on a daily basis, and the HDD can be a storage for your other files and data.

Cabinet: Individual Choice

The cabinet holds all the components of the PC in place. It is important to choose a cabinet that has good airflow and options for cable management. You can choose the cabinet based on your aesthetic. There are multiple budget options from AntEsports, Antec, and Cooler Master. Multiple options with different RGB configurations can be considered before making a decision.

This PC build of the week will cost you around INR 45-50,000. It can game and edit videos without any lag and is also a future proof option. For more such builds, keep an eye on Techburner.

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