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Dbrand starts Selling PS5 plates in Matte Black



Dbrand has a solution for those who don’t the two-tone design of PlayStation 5, as we know it’s not for everyone. Dbrand is best known for its custom-made phone skins and cases and they have made a Matte black plate with a promise that the precisely carved slabs of plastic will turn your PlayStation 5 into matte black hunk hardware. Many other companies were forced to cancel and refund orders of the customized plates of PlayStation 5 because of the legal action taken by Sony.

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Credit: The Verge

Dbrand is allegedly encouraging Sony to sue them for putting the product out. The companies dark plate features are somewhat inspired by the PlayStation button icon microtexture found on PS5 and its controller. Dbrand describes it as “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes”. The dark plate also has an optional glossy black skin for the middle section of PS5.

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