Download Tor Browser Version 8.5 for Android: Illegal or Not?

Privacy Protection and Security are one of the most popular terms right now on the Internet. With Huawei getting disowned by Google and Facebook in trouble for unauthorized selling of user data, user privacy has become a total joke. Some might think VPNs and Incognito modes are safe as they protect your IP or provide a sense of anonymity but if you really want the feel of totally secured private browsing we have great news for you! The Tor Project has launched a stable version for Tor Browser for Android. In this article, we will talk about everything related to The Tor Project and at the end of the article, you’ll find a link to Download Tor Browser Version 8.5 for free.

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What is TOR?

Tor Network or Tor is a system which is volunteer-oriented and based on ‘Onion Routing‘. It is called Onion Routing because the network is encrypted (hidden) in layers like the layers on an Onion. The main goal of Onion Routing, as well as Tor, is providing a maximum level of privacy and security by routing the traffic through many servers and encrypting it at each step. The Tor Project is a nonprofit organization started in 2006 with the belief that ‘Internet users should have private access to an uncensored web’. This was just an Introduction about the organization and their motive. Now let’s move on to an easy and simple explanation for how Tor works.

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How TOR Works!

The TOR Network works by jumping multiple nodes and encryption of the traffic. In simple terms, Encryption means hiding information by changing it into something complex which is difficult to understand. When a user is connected to TOR their outgoing network passes through multiple nodes before reaching its destination. Also, it gets encrypted multiple times while reaching its destination. It keeps on decrypting at each node but fully decrypts only at the exit node which is the last node. This provides you maximum privacy and brings you closest to being anonymous online. The below image will help you understand this process better.


Free Download Tor Browser version 8.5, tor browser for android , tor browser download free
Source: Wikimedia

How to use the TOR Browser? Is it Illegal to use it?

TOR Browser is just like any normal browser but with added privacy. It’s not like DuckDuckGo or Firefox Focus because it does not just make you incognito as these do, it makes you anonymous. The TOR Browser might not be the best browser in terms of speed as it jumps multiple nodes which takes time. Although, if you can compromise a little speed for that extra sense of security and privacy then only you should install this. There is an Alpha version of Tor Browser available since Sept 2018 but the Tor Browser version 8.5 is the first stable release and that’s what makes it great.

Before giving the installation details, I want you to know something. Some people have a misconception that using TOR Browser is illegal. I can assure you it’s not and until you don’t visit Dark Web’s websites, you’re safer than ever while browsing on the TOR Browser. Disclaimer over!

Download TOR Browser Version 8.5

For Android Users :


For iOS users we recommend using Onion Browser:


Onion Browser provides similar functionality and privacy as it also accesses The Tor Network. Download and start enjoying true privacy!

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Warning: Although you’re highly anonymous please don’t do any unethical or illegal activities while using the Tor Browser. If you guys get arrested for any of this, who’s gonna read our articles? Explore the Web but be safe and responsible!

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