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Free Fire Guide: Taming the Gloo Walls for Your Advantage



Free Fire Guide

If you are a Free Fire player, then you are definitely aware of the Gloo walls in the game. It is one of the most superior defences in the game. It is effective when you are attacking and even when you are defending. This option in Free Fire can prove to be a game changer, and most players know about the uses and applications of the same, but for all the beginners this Free Fire guide will help you understand all about the Gloo wall, and how you can use it elevate your game.

Free Fire Guide

The following tips can help you understand the best uses of Gloo Walls in Free Fire.

Placing it Ideally

Placing a Gloo Wall is a strategic move, and can change the course of the match drastically in your favour. However, if you are placing it incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect on your gameplay. If you are placing it with no cover on your back, then the enemy can easily attack you. The Gloo Wall in Free Fire will only protect from the front side. You can not be in the open and expect the Gloo Wall to help you survive.

Wrong Time to Use the Gloo Wall

The power and effectiveness of the Gloo Wall can be very tempting for the players. Beginner players need to understand the usage of the Gloo Walls. If it is not applied in the right time, if you are in a good cover position, and you see the enemy, then using the Gloo Wall is not a good option. This will waste the utility tool. Therefore, understanding the importance of Gloo Walls is very important.

Free Fire Guide

Understand the Timing

Gloo Walls are not a magical utility for you and your squad. You need to have a good understanding of timing before placing a Gloo Wall. If you are in a fight, and the enemy is rushing towards you, placing the Gloo Wall then will not be a very good idea. The enemy already knows about your location, and can attack from several directions. If you have sustained damage, then using a Gloo Wall is not very effective. The enemy will be able to take the wall down, and the minute you move, you will be shot.

Free Fire Guide

Teamwork is the Dreamwork

The Gloo Wall in Free Fire is not just about saving yourself from the oncoming enemy. It is a team utility tool, and should be used for the best of the entire team. It is very easy to be behind the Gloo Wall, exposing your teammates to the enemy. This will put your teammates in a compromising situation and will disrupt your team. Therefore, it is important to communicate with the entire team before using the Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

Angle for the Win

The Gloo Wall in Free Fire is just a shield, and can be easily penetrated if not placed at the right angle. If your enemy has a higher ground than you, then it is very easy for them to shoot at you as it does not cover the top side of the player. Using the Gloo Wall at the right angle can help the entire move ahead in the match, and even win it. However, one needs to understand the importance of the Gloo Wall in the game.

Free Fire Guide

This is all you needed to know about the Gloo Walls in Free Fire. This Free Fire guide is all you need to understand the optimal application of the Gloo Walls and win it for yourself and your team. For more such game guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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