Google High-Resolution Image Opt-In Program EXPLAINED: Webmaster Conference India

Google held a Webmasters’ Conference on July 17 in New Delhi. A series of updates and upcoming features were announced for the Google environment in India. The feature we are going to discuss here is the Google High Resolution Image Opt In Program.

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What Is The Value Of Google Images?

Most of the announced functionalities focus on modern publishers’, and developers’ needs. The Web has transformed a lot since it began in the last millennium. Creators need newer and better features each passing day- as do users. Images are an important part of using the Internet. To a user, they provide information in a better way. However, to a publisher, images are a lot more than that.

Google Images Opt-In Program: EXPLAINED

Google will soon be adding functionality using which other “websites will be able to opt-in images for your website.” It lets you present high-quality images more efficiently in the Googlebot indexing.

The High-Resolution Image Opt-In Program for Google Images was originally announced in Google I/O’19 last month, on May 16. The presenters explained many different ways to rank better on Google.

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Who Can Use High-Resolution Image Opt-In Program?

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The feature is “specifically for websites with fantastic, large and high-resolution images,” which can be of photography, photojournalism, tutorials, news, etc. Websites with better images are favoured more by a general user as they provide clear context and information. Therefore, Google Images Opt-In Program will help websites that use high-resolution images to get more attention.

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What Is The Use Of Google High Resolution Image Opt In Program?

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If you have images of high-quality on your websites and you want to reach more users using these, you can opt-in to the program. Websites that opt-in will be able to deliver images directly through Google Products with a new section.

Those who Opt-In to this program will also be able to showcase their images in “Google Discover,” attracting more traffic with high-resolution visual content.

How Does High-Resolution Image Opt-In Program Work?

google images high resolution opt in program

Under this program, you will have some settings in the search console. Publishers can express their interest in the program using these settings. According to the current plan, structured data markup can be used to specify which images you want Googlebot to index.

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When Will High-Resolution Image Opt-In Program Come?


For now, Google hasn’t announced a launch date since the program is under development. However, it is coming soon. More information will be released later on, like a “license URL” that you can use, some sample code, and details on the search console functionality.

We, at TechBurner, will keep an eye out for any updates; Stay Tuned!

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