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Google Pixel Fold Delayed for Second Time: Here’s Why



Pixel Fold Delay

Foldable phones are said to be the future of smartphones, and all the major smartphone manufacturers are pouncing on the opportunity to come out with their versions of foldable phones. One of the most anticipated foldable phones of the year was the Google Pixel Fold. The phone was set to launch this year, but the same has been delayed. “Ross Young from the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has revealed that the Pixel Fold’s release could be delayed till next year. As per Ross, the foldable phone won’t debut until the spring of 2023. The same has been confirmed by analyst Jon Prosser,” BGR India report said.

Reason for Pixel Fold Delay

The exact date of the launch has not been revealed yet. There were speculations that the reason for delay is the availability of display, some rumours also highlighted the supply chain issues for the same. However, Ross has further revealed the real reason for the Pixel Fold Delay. Google is waiting for the newer Tensor chips for making some software improvements before the Pixel Fold hits the markets.
Google is planning to bring a newer and smoother experience to the smartphone market. The Pixel 6 had a few bugs and issues following the launch, but the overall response of these phones has been good. Trying to keep this stable, Google wants to come out with its foldable phone to redefine the purpose that foldable phones serve.
Pixel Fold Delay
If the Google Pixel Fold launches next year, it will face a direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3, which is set to launch in August this year. Rumours indicate that Apple is also working on a foldable smartphone of its own, but its release is rumoured to be in 2025, which is a little down the road at the moment. Apart from that Apple is also working on an all-screen foldable Macbook.
Google is making the smartphone market wait for its foldable as it wants to come out with a product that solves the purpose of a foldable smartphone, and that is the primary reason for the Pixel Fold Delay. For more such stories, keep an eye on Techburner.

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