Google Sodar AR Tool Helps To Maintain Social Distancing

In the wake of theĀ COVID-19 pandemic, the world is struggling to recover from losses on all fronts. On the other hand, some governments have started to present relief measures to regain some normalcy. Now, Google has introduced its service Google new AR Tool, that will help people to maintain social distancing and fight against this pandemic when they go out of their houses. In this article, we will discuss Google Sodar and answer some questions like ‘Is Google Sodar app downloadable?’ Moreover, we will discuss Google Sodar features, how to use the Google Sodar AR tool. So without any further ado, let’s head into the article.


Google Sodar

Before getting into details, let’s cover all the basic questions that might strike your mind.

Q. What is Google Sodar?

A. It is a service tool from Google that uses the AR technology to assist people in maintaining social distancing as the lockdown lifts.

Q. How does it work?

A. Sodar, using AR, surrounds you with a virtual 2-meter radius ring, which helps you maintain social distancing wherever you go.

Q. Is this service downloadable?

A. No, Google Sodar is an online service that can be used only on Chrome browser on supported smartphones. It requires an active internet connection.

Q. Which devices does Google Sodar support?

A. No official list is out yet. Though, Google says the service needs the latest version of AR Core.

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Google Sodar Features

  • Secure service
  • Helps you keep maintain social distancing
  • Based on AR
  • Easy to use

How to use Google Sodar Tool?

Step 1 – Visit ‘’ or click here to get redirected to the Sodar page.

Then, Step 2 – Tap on the ‘Launch’ button.

Then, Step 3 – Grant the required permissions. (It will need to access phone camera and create a 3D map).

Finally, Step 4 – You will see a ring around you in your smartphone, with a 2-meter radius.

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