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How Coronavirus Impacts On Internet Speed



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Coronavirus affects almost every country across the globe. Every country is doing Lockdown to controlling coronavirus as soon as possible. Coronavirus impacts on India were not much, but precautions are better than cure. Due to the outbreak, the Indian Government took some decisions for the precautions. Due to this, the Indian Government make it necessary to do work from home for all companies. All public places like colleges, schools, gyms, and movie theatres have been closed. Because you know that Maintaining social distance is necessary for controlling the coronavirus. Have you ever think that we all are working from home online. Doesn’t it affect on the Internet? Does Coronavirus effects internet? Have we thought about it and came with the explanation of Doe’s coronavirus affects the Internet? Or there are chances that coronavirus impacts India internet services. Let’s see the coronavirus impact on the Internet.

How Coronavirus Impact on Internet?

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You, your friends and other millions of people now working from home with the help of the Internet. Many internet metrics companies are keeping an eye on the Internet. Companies like Okla and speed test are monitoring the performance of most affected countries such as China, Italy, Spain, and France, and the networks are coping well.

Cloudflare also found that the coronavirus impact on internet traffic increased in Seatle, Itlay and South Korea have seen an increase in traffic, for example, a 40% rise in Seattle, and a 30% rise in Italy. Despite this, Cloudflare saying that “none of these traffic changes raises any concern,” going on to say that “we have not seen, and do not predict, any impact on our network’s performance, reliability, or security globally.”

Some reports also suggest that it is because of the game launched that is “Call Of Duty: Warzone“. Even in the US, the Speedtest tested that the Broadband speed in three areas: King County, Washington, San Francisco County in California and Westchester County in New York. From the very first time, everything was normal. But the survey took after the three days was insane and there was an eye-opening reaction. On March 16, 2020, San Francisco and Westchester County face some decrease in internet speed. While on another side the internet speed on Mobile was average no change in that. March 13, 2020: Downloading speed in all areas of the united states was normal not that such variation in download speed.

How Coronavirus Impact on Meetings?

Coronavirus affects business meetings. During these days it is found that Zoom has seen a massive increase in the number of sessions. It could be anything. It also seems that Netflix and Youtube are going down in Europe to keep the Internet up. Coronavirus affects the Internet with massive traffic of working online. Now it will be a challenge from Telecom operators to give the best speed without any fluctuations.

Coronavirus Impact India’s Internet

Coronavirus impacts, coronavirus impact on internet, coronavirus affects, Coronavirus effects internet, coronavirus impact India

However, there is not any report for the coronavirus impact on the Internet in India. But it could be that the wok from home situation continues for a long time. So there is a chance Coronavirus impact India’s internet service highly. For now, we can only expect.

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