How to Create Custom Stickers in WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp needs no introduction. All of us use it on a day-to-day basis for most of our communication needs, be it messaging, voice calls or video calls. It is available across all platforms i.e. Android, iOS and even laptops making it the most convenient instant messaging app. WhatsApp has recently started rolling out a lot of new features such as the ability to send money within the app, using WhatsApp Web without your phone having an active internet connection and so on. One such new and interesting feature is creating custom stickers within the app itself instead of resorting to third-party apps. Want to know how it’s done? Let’s dive into the simple steps on how to create custom stickers in WhatsApp Web. 

Steps to Create Custom Stickers in WhatsApp Web 

Before we get started, it is important to note that this new feature is only supported on the web version of WhatsApp as of now. It will be available on the WhatsApp desktop app soon. With that being said, here are the simple steps on how to create custom stickers in WhatsApp Web:

  • Open WhatsApp Web in any browser and sign in by scanning the QR code using WhatsApp on your smartphone. 

create whatsapp stickers in the app

  • Open the chat window where you want to send a custom sticker and click on the attachment button. 

how to make stickers on whatsapp without app

  • Once you do that, select the sticker icon from the list of options. 

how to make whatsapp sticker

  • Browse for the photo you want to send as a custom sticker and click on Open once done.

how to add custom stickers to whatsapp

  • Now, you will see a new sticker menu using which you can crop, edit, rotate, draw and add elements to your photo. 
  • After making all the changes, click on the send button. 

steps to create custom stickers on whatsapp

Hopefully we’ll be able to see this feature soon on the  mobile version of WhatsApp too for Android and iOS. Till then, stay tuned to TechBurner for more amazing tech articles. 


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