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How to Get One-Tap Kills? Free Fire Sensitivity Guide



Free Fire Sensitivity Guide

Headshots are satisfying to hit in shooter games like Free Fire. It requires an immense amount of skills to land the perfect headshot every single time. Skills do play an important role in making your aim better, but that’s not it. Understanding the guns and the sensitivity of the game is equally crucial. This Free Fire sensitivity guide will clarify the role of sensitivity in being a head-shot god.

Sensitivity is a very personal thing and varies from device to device. This means that every player needs to figure out the right set of sensitivities to have a good performance in the game. Copying or taking “inspiration” from someone else’s sensitivity might not be as effective for you.

It is important to note that the Government of India has already banned Free Fire, players should play the Max version of the game.

Free Fire Sensitivity Guide

Before getting to the exact sensitivities, there are a few things that you should keep in mind as a player. To start with, the following are indicators of the range of the sensitivity, and the players need to figure their own sensitivity out. Secondly, every device is different. If sensitivity 100 is not suiting your play style, try switching it up. Finally, test your sensitivity as much as you can. Play in random matches or go to practise grounds, but you need to constantly test your sensitivity and keep it changing as your play style progresses.

It is important to stick to your ideal sensitivity settings for a good while, as it will balance out with your understanding of the game. Frequently changing settings can also lead to an inconsistent performance in the game.

Sensitivity for One Shot Kill

Sniping is a challenge that not a lot of people can handle. It takes a lot of patience and skill to be a good sniper. Headshots are another challenge, because if missed, it can reveal your entire location and position. The sensitivity guide is for everyone to start out with.

High sensitivity makes for a fluid camera movement and looking around. It is good for fast-paced players, or players who like to rush on their enemies. Keeping a low sensitivity provides more accuracy, and your shots are more stable, this is a good preset for snipers.

Players should always practise with these sensitivities before jumping into a match straight away. This Free Fire sensitivity guide will help you get better at one shot kills. For more such guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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