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Call of Duty Mobile Domination Guide To Become a Pro



Dominating your enemies is one of the key aspects of Call of Duty: Mobile. A lot of players know the game for the battle-royale mode. The mode is fun and comes with a lot of aspects to uncover, but there are other aspects of the game that the players seem to not notice. We realized that not every game mode in multiplayer is designed in the same way. All of them have different objectives and need different strategies to ace. Some might seem the same, but every game mode has a distinct objective that makes it different from others. One of the most intense game modes in multiplayer of Call of Duty: Mobile is Domination. A lot of players might argue that this mode is very similar to the Search and destroy mode, but it is not, and players understand this once they start playing the mode seriously. This Call of Duty Mobile Domination Guide will help you master it.

What is the Domination Mode in Call of Duty: Mobile?

As the name suggests, Domination mode requires you to be dominant in your approach to the gameplay. You need to overpower and outshine your enemy in this mode. The rules and objectives of Domination are very straightforward. You and your team need to score 100 points to win the match. There are two rounds of 50 points each. You get points for kills as well as capturing and defending a spot on the map.

There are 3 spots marked on the map, A, B and C. Out of these three points, two are the spawn points of each team and one is a common point. You can win a round by capturing two out of three points on the map. Or you can also win by taking down the entire enemy team. This mode, just like most other modes in the game, is 5v5 mode. Capturing a point gives you +200 and picking up a kill gives you +125.

This mode can be exceptionally intense because there can be multiple players trying to capture one point on the map and therefore, this model demands a lot of attention and awareness from the players. While playing, most players forget about the fact that there are multiple ways of winning the round and the match. If you are unable to capture or defend a point, then you can always stop the enemy team from doing it.

Make sure you take all the kills and do not let your enemy team reach a point where they can capture a point and defend it. Every point changes colour when captured. If it is a friendly point, the name mark will turn blue, but if it is captured by enemies, it will turn red. You can see colour change gradually, indicating the process of capture. This also indicates an ongoing fight, so make sure to stay aware of it. This will make you realize where the fights are happening, and you can be there to cover for your teammates or pick more kills for yourself.

There are always multiple ways to approach the mode. If you are someone who is worried about personal stats, you can go for a more strategic and tactical approach. You can plan attacks and formations that will help you remain alive throughout the round and improve your statistics. However, if you are someone who is not afraid of dying but wants to make sure to get maximum kills in a match, then you can go for a more aggressive approach. You can rush towards the enemy or around the map looking for the enemies.

This will help you encounter a lot more enemies, but it will also increase your chances of dying because of running around the map aimlessly. Be sure of the gameplay style you want to follow and stick to that. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid dying because that might create an imbalance against your team and your teammates might lose the upper hand because of your speed running tendencies. Holding on to one’s horses might actually be helpful in this mode.

Tips for Domination

Domination can be a challenging mode in Call of Duty: Mobile, but there are a few things that players can keep in mind to enhance their game and performance while playing Domination. These tips will help you support your team as well as your gameplay.

Be Confident

Confidence is the key if you are the slayer of the team. A slayer needs to be at the forefront of the attack, and it is important not to second guess things. Confidence can help you take on multiple enemies at once, and you won’t be afraid if you are stuck in a tight situation. You might not be the best player in the match, but you can do your best to take your team all the way.

Target the Home Flag

There are 3 points to capture on a map in Domination. Most teams target point B which is the common point on the map. Most of the time, the remaining two points are spawn points. This creates a lot of chaos at B and might also make you compromise your game plan. A good idea to win the round is to target the enemy team’s home flag. If everyone is rushing B, you rush C and capture the home flag of the opponent team.

If you are able to secure your home flag and capture the enemy team’s, then it will strange the enemy team in the centre, and then you can win by capturing points and also by wiping off the entire enemy team. Make capturing points your primary objective because you will get more points for that than kills. This will also allow you to win a round without any combat or fighting with the enemy.

Understand the Scorestreaks

Strategy is the backbone of your planning in Domination, and scorestreaks can help you strategize and win. Killing the enemy is not the goal, you need to be aware of their positions and movements. Scorestreaks that tell you their location or stop them from knowing yours are crucial in this mode.

Scorestreaks like the UAV or the counter UAV are very effective and will not only help you know the position of the enemy team, but will also help you jam their minimap, so you can move freely. Knowing about the enemy’s position can help you make last-minute changes to your plan, and you can focus solely on the objective.

Crosshair Placement

This is a very common mistake that even the intermediate players are seen making. Crosshair placement is very important, if your crosshair is down or towards the floor, it will take you extra time to bring it up and shoot the enemy. This might already give the enemy an upper hand. Make sure your crosshair is on the level of your body so that whenever you scope in, your scope opens on the upper half of the enemy. Players take more damage when hit on the upper half of the body, and crosshair placement is very important to make sure you hit the right spots.

Jump Against Drop shots

Drop shots can be lethal for multiple reasons. No matter how much time you have spent playing the game, it always surprises you and rattles you a little. Drop shots are a very common occurrence while playing Domination. If your enemy is prone in front of you in order to execute a drop shot, you should start jumping. Being on the ground restricts your ability to move the crosshair as fast as when you are standing.

Jumping will mess with your aim a little, but you will be able to connect more bullets to the enemy and secure a kill. Therefore, do not panic or be afraid of a drop shot. Make sure you are replying with a jump shot. If you think a drop shot is an answer to the enemy’s drop shot, then you are mistaken. Proning in front of the enemy will bring in the range of fire of the enemy, and it will be easier for them to kill you.

There are multiple mistakes that players make when playing the multiplayer mode. This is different from the battle-royale mode, and players need to engage with it more if they want to get better in the game overall. This Call of Duty Mobile Domination guide will help you dominate your enemy. For more such guides, keep an eye on Techburner.

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