How to Identify if someone else is using your WiFi Connection

Do you have your own WiFi setup at your home??? If Yes, then this article is a must to read for you. Well, the Internet nowadays is too cheap but still, there are some people who always look for some hacks and tricks to use someone else’s Wi-Fi. That’s why I’ll tell you today that how to identify if someone else is using your WiFi Connection.

Maybe your friends or relatives are also enjoying your WiFi connection. That’s why today I’m here, you’ll also get to know how to completely block their access to your network.

How to check if someone is using my wifi

The most common way by which WiFi owners identify that their service is being stolen is by slow speed. You’ll suddenly feel like the Internet speed is a bit slow as it used to be before. Maybe it’s because your family members are also using WiFi simultaneously. But if not, and still the speed is slow, they might be your connections is being stolen.

Now if you feel like, some is using your WiFi and you need to make it sure. You can check and verify it yourself. Every device which gets connected to your WiFi router connects securely and have a unique IP address as well as MAC address. You can see the live connected device list in your router settings page. So whenever you feel like your WiFi is being stolen, you must verify it by checking that list and if you find any device which not belongs to you, then that is the stealer who is enjoying your to check if someone is using my wifi,

How to Block suspicious Device from WiFi Network

The simplest way to safeguard your WiFi is by blocking that suspicious network. All you need to do is block that IP address and MAC address access into your network. This may vary, from a router to router. Every router has different settings, so you need to find your router settings. For that, all you need to do is do a Google search by typing in your Router’s Model Name.

Then you just need to block that suspicious device and now you’re all safe again. If still the problem persists, or someone else again hacks or gets connected to you. Make sure to use complex WPA2 security or hide your SSID so that no one can ever see your WiFi name in their lists. Wondering how to do that?? Just Google, everything is on Google.

I tried to explain that how to identify if someone else is using your WiFi connection and if you really enjoyed reading this then make sure to leave an appreciating comment below. Check out some more stuff written by me, thanks a lot for reading this one.

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