Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics: Which One is For You?

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is an integral part of a computer system which can not be ignored. They are the main reason to process your work to show on your display. These Graphics comes in two forms: Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Graphics. Both of them have particular functions as per their capability. In technology, we have progressed so much that CPUs have a very compelling integrated graphics. However, people do prefer dedicated graphics to perform their tasks smoothly. As stated earlier Integrated graphics have been quite powerful that some users may not need a dedicated graphics. In today’s article, we are going to discuss if you need Integrated graphics or dedicated graphics.

What is Integrated Graphics?

In simple words, Integrated Graphics is the graphics processing unit built onto the same die as the CPU. An integrated graphics processing unit does not utilise its own RAM, instead of drawing upon the system’s memory. Integrated graphics will use anything between one and five per cent of the available memory for graphics. Integrated graphics used to have a bad reputation, but this has improved a lot in recent years. It’s now more than good enough for general computing, including some casual gaming and 4K video watching, but it still struggles in some areas. It isn’t suitable for working with graphics-intensive programs. While playing the latest high-end games is also out, there are a few great games you can play with integrated graphics.

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Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics, Integrated Graphics, What is Dedicated Graphics

What is Dedicated Graphics?

A dedicated graphics card has its own source of memory, independent from your system’s RAM. For instance, if your desktop computer has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 video card with 6GB of video memory. This memory is entirely separate from your computer’s 8 or 16GB of system memory. Most recent dedicated graphics cards will deliver better graphics performance than an integrated system. But that’s only part of the story; this completely depends on what your priorities are.

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics, Integrated Graphics, What is Dedicated Graphics

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics


In terms of graphics performance, the dedicated card is much better than the integrated card. The higher the dedicated graphic card, the better it is in comparison to the integrated. These cards are able to run almost any type of graphics, including 3D and 4K. Moreover, you get with the graphics best for people who are into intense graphical related works such as video editing, animation, graphic design, as well as gaming. With the integrated card, you will also get to play some games that are not demanding and also carry out some graphics-related tasks that are not very demanding.


One of the most serious drawbacks of the integrated graphics card has to do with resources. Both the GPU and the CPU of the card are made on the same chip. What this means is that there will be some limitation to the function of the processors. A dedicated graphics card comes with its own memory (VRAM) which gives it an edge over the integrated card. With this memory, it will allow the processor to be more efficient.

Power Consumption

In the integrated graphics vs dedicated graphics comparison, it is clear that a dedicated card consumes more power than the other. Mainly because of its power requirements of its own VRAM and it handles complex tasks. What this means is that a computer running on a dedicated card will get heated more than one that has an integrated card, requiring for a superior cooling system.


A serious gamer or someone who has a need for intense graphical work will always go with a dedicated card over the integrated because of the customization options it has. This customization will be of immense benefit to a gamer who wants to overclock.


When compared costs, the integrated graphics are a whole lot cheaper. However, you still have low to expensive options for the dedicated graphics. There is some dedicated graphics card that may be more expensive than even a high-end computer. However, such cards may only be needed for complex industrial computation and mining of cryptocurrency. Integrated Graphics are more cost-efficient when you look at things like power management, cooling system, and other components.

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics, Integrated Graphics, What is Dedicated Graphics

Is Integrated Graphics for you?

If all you want is a computer that can handle things like browsing the internet, casual light gaming, sending emails, or watching videos. Building a system without dedicated graphics is not a bad idea. Integrated Graphics do not require much power as dedicated graphics. You would save a chunk of money not only in dedicated graphics but also using a low wattage power supply.

Is Dedicated Graphics for you?

If you do a lot of resource-intensive work like high-end gaming or professional graphic designing, then a dedicated card is definitely the way to go. Dedicated graphics will let you play games at a much higher framerate, will help much better in 3D rendering or modelling stuff. But there are a few downsides to dedicated cards though. They can put out a lot of heat if you don’t have a good fan or the right design. The GPU will heat up quicker the harder you make it work. Therefore you need to spend extra on a good cooling system to get the maximum performance out of dedicated graphics. Another downside is that theses dedicated graphics are power-hungry and hence you would need to spend some extra money on a good high wattage power supply.

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics, Integrated Graphics, What is Dedicated Graphics


It’s no surprise that dedicated graphics is better than an integrated graphics system. The reality is that some users will be comfortable with integrated graphics depending on their use. If you are on the fence between whether you need a dedicated graphics card, or you can get by with an integrated graphics card. The points outlined in this article should help you determine which option is best for your needs. To conclude, we recommend using a dedicated graphics if you are building a new system today. Dedicated graphics will help someday or other. If you are on a budget, there are a variety of dedicated graphics to choose from.

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