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AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors: Which One Is The Best?



AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors

A few years back, there was only one Brand in the field of Computer Processors – Intel. Intel had been ruling the world of microprocessors since the invention of Computers. The Intel Core Processors were available for many years and rocked until the AMD Ryzen Series Processors were launched in 2017. AMD Ryzen Processors are more value for money Processors as they come with much better specs. Day-by-day AMD Ryzen Series processors are getting better. But that does not mean that it has surpassed the Intel Core Processors. Now if you are confused between which one to buy, we are here to help you. Check out the comparison of AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors.

What are AMD Ryzen Processors?

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen Processors are the high-end processors of AMD. These processors vary from the low-to-high budget. AMD Ryzen desktop processors best in features and smooth performance whether you’re a gamer, a creator, or a casual user. The AMD Ryzen performs very well in Desktop Platform. But in Mobile Series (Laptop Processors), the AMD Ryzen lacks in power usage. We have used a few Ryzen based Laptop, but the power consumption was very high. However, there are also other sides of the same. We have discussed all of them below.

What is Intel Core Processors?

Intel Core Processors

As Intel Core Processors are in the market for many years, they are a lot more optimized. Intel Core is a line of mid- to the high-end consumer, workstation, gaming and productive PC build. Also, some of the Intel Core processors come with Internal GPU, which are better than some of the dedicated ones. As Intel Core Processors are more optimized, their Mobile Versions perform a lot better.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors

Processing Power

If we talk about Processing power, it completely depends on the Number of Cores and Threads. Well, if you need more Cores and Threads, you need to pay more. But this problem has been solved by AMD Ryzen Series Processors. The mid-range gaming series of Processors come with minimum 4 core and 8 threads and goes up to 16 cores and 32 threads. These products come at a very low price. Whereas Intel Core Processors also have up to 18 threads and 36 cores, but they cost much more than AMD Ryzen Processors.

Graphics Processing

If we talk about Graphics Processing, AMD has their Series of Graphics Cards called as AMD Radeon. They even sell dedicated Graphics Cards too. But, when it comes to Integrated Graphics, Intel steps forward in this. Although Intel does not produce its own Graphics Card, the Processors go pretty well with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card, and the NVIDIA Graphics Cards are optimized for games pretty well. Even if we talk about Integrated Intel Graphics Cards aka Intel UHD Graphics, they are sometimes better than some dedicated Graphics Cards too.

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Power Consumption

Here can be some contradictions between both of these processors. But if we are talking about power consumption, Intel is a winner here. Besides Desktop Computers, Ryzen Processors can not perform pretty well when they are fixed in Laptops. But as Intel Processors are better in terms of optimization, they consume quite less power in terms of Laptops. Also, Ryzen Laptops get quite heated because of the same. However, in Desktops, Intel performs pretty well too.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core


This one may not be quite helpful but you should know that both the processors come with different Sockets. The AMD Processsors come with AM4 Socket, which is unique in its type. In Intel, the LGA1151 Socket is used, which is the same one used in previous Intel Core Processors too. This one has caused the Motherboard manufacturers to build Motherboards on LGA1151 Architecture which is kind of handy. But nowadays both AM4 and LGA1151 Socket Motherboards are made to supply all the needs.


The CPU is not only the one thing which is required to build a PC. There are a lot of other scenarios too. However, if we talk about customization, both the Brands perform the kind of same. But if we see the overall configuration, Intel Processors go well with a lot of Brands whereas AMD performs well too. Like if we consider Graphics Card, AMD Ryzen Performs pretty well with AMD Radeon Cards, where Intel Core Processors perform well with NVIDIA GeForce Cards. But day by day both the Brands are inventing new things which are solving these Bottlenecks.

Is AMD Ryzen Processors for you?

The answer depends on you. See, AMD Ryzen Processors are best if you are a productive person as well as a gamer. Because you can get more processing power at a very low price. Also, the AMD Radeon Graphics Cards come at a low price which will make the bundle quite good for you. So, if you do Productive stuff like Editing, which requires more threads along with Gaming, you can go for AMD Ryzen Processors.

Is Intel Core Processors for you?

If you are not into Productivity in high scale but gaming, go for Intel Core Processors. These processors will rock with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards to give you awesome Gaming experience. Sounds cool right? You can grab any of the Intel Core Processors because they can run games smoothly with the help of GPU.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors


Well, the last thing we want to explain is that, Go for what you can get. It is never like that you can not be productive on Intel Processors. But you will have to pay more. Where you will be able to be more productive on AMD Ryzen Processors at a much lower price. Also, the AMD Processors perform well in Games too. So, get the one you like and goes with the budget. Because we are those who believe in Sasti Masti 🔥.

So, don’t forget to tell us which one you like among the AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core Processors. Also, we are here to answer all your queries. Till then, “Stay Home, Stay Safe” 😷

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