IRTC To Resume Food Supply Soon, Says Eastern Railway Spokesperson

As per reports, IRTC is expected to resume e-catering services soon. However, the e-catering service will only resume for Eastern Railway zones. IRTC had earlier suspended the e-catering service to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As per an Eastern Railway spokesperson, the e-catering services of Indian Railways will be restarted soon for Eastern Railway zones which are Kolkata, Sealdah, Malda, Howrah, Asansol, Durgapur, and Bhagalpur railway stations.
As per the Eastern Railway spokesperson, Indian Railways is planning to add Jamalpur, Barddhaman, and Bolpur in the railway stations list from where the e-catering services will be provided. There will be strict rules and guidelines, which should be followed by the vendors, the spokesperson added. Vendors have to follow the strict COVID-19 protocols.
IRTC Food Packaging
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