JioPos Lite App Features – Lets You Earn From Recharges.

Reliance Industries Limited came up with fast internet at the lowest prices some time ago, revolutionizing the telecom industry. It has now come up with an earning opportunity for you! Recently, Reliance Jio launched an App called JioPOS Lite. JioPOS Lite lets us earn money when we recharge online. You can become a Jio partner by doing recharges. You can recharge your friends’, family’s, or neighbours’ phone sand earn a commission for that. In this article, we will discuss the JioPOS Lite features. Also, we will provide you with the Jio POS Lite Apk Download Link.

What is the JioPOS Lite App?

Jio POS Lite App features a special service of doing recharges for your friends, or it can be anyone. And Jio will pay you for recharges in the form of commission. Wait, was Jio not already paying mobile recharge shop owners for the recharges? Let us clear your confusion. Earlier, Jio used to spend only 2% of recharge amount on commissions. However, you can now earn up to 4% of the amount in the beginning. You can recharge the Jio number only through the app.

Eligibility for Using JioPOS Lite

One must meet certain criteria to apply for JioPOS partnership. It is not compulsory to have a physical shop for this. Though, 18 years is the minimum age criteria for participating. Additionally, you must own a Jio SIM and a smartphone. That’s it. You will find JioPOS Lite apk download link below.

JioPOS Lite APP Features

Sign Up

Interested retailers/partners would have to sign up in the JioPOS Lite app. You just have to signup with your email address and Jio phone number. Thereafter, you will be assigned a Jio Partner ID.

Add Money

For doing recharges you have to add credit in your JioPOS wallet. Without the money, you cannot proceed to recharge. After successfully performing the recharge, the commission amount will be directly added to your JioPOS Lite app wallet.


You can recharge using the money available in your wallet.


Earning Dashboards will show all your earning till date or in a month.


This Passbook is somewhat like a bank account passbook. It will display your last 20 transactions made on the Jio POS Lite App.


All transactions on the JioPOS app, whether they involve adding money or withdrawing it, will be done through a pin number (called mPin) of your choice. You can change your mPin anytime you want.

How to Register for JioPOS Lite App?

Registration is quite simple. You don’t need to go anywhere for document submission or verification. Just follow these simple steps to register for JioPOS:

  1. Download JioPOS Lite app from the Play Store.
  2. Click on the “Sign up” button to register.
  3. Enter your Email address and Jio phone number.
  4. Now enter the One Time Password you receive on your mobile number.
  5. Type your name and submit.

All Right! Now you are ready to earn from recharges. Now, you just need to perform recharges for your friends, family members, and others to make some quick cash.

JioPOS Lite APK Download (Play Store)

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