LG W30 Triple Camera Under 10,000 Review With Samples

LG generally do not launch many smartphones in India and if any smartphone comes to India and the price is higher than the competition. But today LG launched a new series of smartphones specifically for India. LG W10, LG W30, and LG W30 Pro are exclusively available in India. LG W30 and W30 Pro have a triple rear camera on the back. Let’s look at the LG W30 Camera samples. LG W30 Wide Angle lens is a nice addition. Read our LG W30 Camera Review.

LG W30 Camera Features

LG W30 Features a triple camera set-up under the pricing of 10,000. It does have a 13MP wide-angle lens and a powerful 12 MP main sensor along with 2MP Depth sensor. The 12MP+13MP+2MP triple-camera setup gives some amazing results according to the price point. On the front, it packs a 16MP Selfie shooter to provide you with good quality selfies. We really liked the camera performance, in different lighting condition which we are going to talk about in this article. Check samples

LG W30 Selfie Camera

LG W30 Camera Review

The 16 MP Selfie camera captures a decent selfie in outdoor lighting as well as in indoor lighting condition too. In some cases the background is overexposed due to harsh light and also portrait mode in the selfie camera is not good at the edges, it needs some OTA update as the sensor in the selfie is totally capable of providing much better portrait shots. Other than that the overall quality of the selfie is good. The colors are nice and the detail level is also quite good. The skin tone is optimized and capable of making you look good.


LG W30 Wide Angle Camera

With the launch of new LG W30, is gone with a triple rear camera with the W30 here and the addition of a 13MP wide angle lens is a nice touch. At the price point of 9,999 INR, it is one of the cheapest phones to offer a wide angle lens. Also, the image quality of the wide angle lens is quite good. As you can see in the side by side comparison with the normal camera, the wide angle lens helps to create a new perspective. Good Job LG!

Outdoor Samples

The 12MP Primary lens captures decent images in outdoor lighting or good lighting condition. The colours turn out nice. The dynamic range seems a little less but the HDR mode might help to increase it. The sharpness level is also good but sometimes a little bit of oversharpening is done. Overall considering the price of 9,999INR it captures good photos in outdoor lighting condition.

Indoor/Low Light Camera Samples

LG w30 Camera specifications

In indoor light condition, LG W30 performance better than what we have expected. The colors are nice in the Indoor condition too. However, in the darker area, the noise is visible. Also, it struggles to maintain exposure.

Check Out High-Quality Camera Samples Here.

LG W30 Camera Samples [High Quality]

LG W30 Camera Review: Verdict

The LG W30 packs interesting triple rear cameras on the back at the price point of 9,999. If you are looking for a wide angle lens at this price point then LG W30 is a very good option for that. The selfie camera is also impressive but the edge detection is finicky and software updates might fix this problem. The primary sensor also clicks good quality photos in Indoor as well as outdoor lighting condition.

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