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Miramar Guide for Better Performance in BGMI



Miramar Guide
Miramar Guide

Miramar is the biggest map in BGMI, and the challenges are also big on this one. There are several maps in the game, and all of them are based on different terrains. Maps in the game also differ in size, which forces players to change their approach based on the map they are playing on. Understanding all the maps in the game is important if you are planning on taking the esports route for your career. This Miramar guide will help you understand the map thoroughly, and plan your gameplay based on the temperament of your squad.

Understanding the Map

Since Miramar is the biggest map in the game, it is very easy for the players to develop an aversion toward it. However, being a bigger map works as an advantage because the number of players remain 100, but there are more options for all the players to approach the game at their own pace. The size of the Miramar map is as big as Erangel, but it looks and feels bigger because it has more land area than Erangel.

It is an 8×8 km map, which is the same size as Erangel, but the presence of water bodies is very minimal. The map consists of a little more than 80% land and almost 20% water. The map looks very barren and deserted, but it does have multiple buildings and houses. Proper roads on the map are fewer, and the majority of the map is craters and rocky terrain. This makes it very difficult for the players to commute on the map.

Miramar Guide

The map is not completely barren and has multiple locations with high-rise buildings, which make it easier for the players to take cover, hide during the red zones, and gather loot. All the locations have big open spaces between them, and this makes commuting frustrating and tiring. The areas of Los Higos, Minas Del Sur and the Prison are on a different island, south of the map. As discussed above, the presence of water on the map is very low, and not a lot of players go to these locations. These locations are secluded, and usually do not fall on the path of the plane. This overview will give you an idea of the Miramar map, and what to expect from it.

Places for Rush Players on the Miramar Map

Executing the rush gameplay can be challenging for some players. Since the size of the map is bigger than usual, it can get very difficult for players to move around in search of other players to fight. The locations mentioned in this Miramar guide might not be considered hot drops by everyone, but it is based on the number of players visiting the location, and the amount of loot available in the entire area.

Power Grid

Starting the list of hotspots with not a very popular location. The Power Grid is located almost in the centre of the map and is accessible by a number of the other locations on the map. This becomes a hot drop whenever it falls on the path of the plane because it is closer to areas like San Martin and Pecado. The power grid can be a good location for players who like to have a safe landing before engaging in any fight. The power grid has decent loot for the entire squad, but players need to look around a little because the loot is scattered. It is best if every player in the squad takes up one gun initially if they are landing here. This will make sure that every player will have some weapon to defend themselves, in case there is not enough loot in some matches.

Miramar Guide

The power grid is closer to San Martin and Pecado, this gives players a chance to land in a safe location before rushing towards the players in these locations. Multiple ridges that are located around the area help in staying in cover. You can hide behind the ridges and keep a watch on the enemies that are in the surrounding area.

San Martin

San Martin is one of the most prominent locations on the Miramar map. Contradictory to the overall distribution of the map, San Martin is a location that has multiple buildings, skyscrapers, and houses. This makes it one of the hot drops on the map. Throughout the duration of the match, multiple players come to this location or cross it. If you land in this area and strategise accordingly, you can be in a good position in the entire match.

Players can land on top of the tall buildings to get high ground and keep a watch on the landing enemies. However, make sure to land on roofs that have an exit route. If the building does not have an exit option, then you will get stuck. This will force you to jump off the roof, and this can damage you. You can also get knocked as a result of falling from higher ground. You can also keep an eye on the enemies landing around the power grid, as it is not very far from San Martin.


Considered one of the major hot drops on the map, Pecado is very close to the power grid. This makes it a central location on the map. The distribution of the area is very similar to San Martin. The windows and balconies in the buildings can be used by players as a cover. These places also give players a chance to hold the position during ongoing combat. Actions like crouch and shoot, and prone and shoot can be executed with ease. Since this location is very competitive, it is important to continuously analyse the location for more players.

Miramar Guide

Even though the area is a hot drop, it is not bad to sit in one place for a while to analyse the situation and position. Running around carelessly in search of loot can you get killed. Keeping survival in mind, it is best to have a safe approach even if you are a rush player.

Places for Campers on the Miramar Map

Miramar has a lot of space for the players, and there are times when all the 100 players in the lobby can not cover the entire area of the map with their drop choices. Camping in Miramar can be challenging for several reasons. Firstly, the map is big, and there can be times when you camp in one location for a long time, and no player would cross. Secondly, rotating from one place to another becomes challenging because of the size of the map. There are certain places on the map that are camper-friendly, but it is best if players do not camp while playing on the Miramar map.


This is one of the most ignored places on the Miramar map but can be of great potential for campers. The major reason behind the ignorance of this location is that it falls in the same area as a number of hot drops. The graveyard is very close to Pecado, San Martin, and Power Grid. Most players landing in this area focus on these 3 locations. If you are a camper, you can take the graveyard.

This area will enable you to keep a watch on all the action that takes place in the surrounding areas. Adding to that, if you think that a fight is getting very intense, you can jump in as a third party and pick up kills for yourself and your squad.

Water Treatment

Another lesser-known location on Miramar is the water treatment. It is an industrial area that has a number of buildings and shelters. These structures are not labelled, but one can land here to have a safer and slower approach to the game. Finding loot and supplies in this area can be a little hectic, but if your squad splits or spreads out, it won’t be very difficult.

Since Miramar is a big map, rotating from any location can be tough. However, the availability of vehicles near a hot drop is higher. So, it might get difficult for players to make a plan for rotation on the map. Camping can be a challenge, but if you have sorted the vehicle situation, it might get a little easier.

Miramar Guide

There are multiple other locations for campers. If you are a dedicated camper, you can camp even in the most crowded places on the map. The Miramar map is big, and players can choose multiple locations on the edge of the map. Or they can also select to take the island where the Prison is located. The main drawback of these locations is moving around, and not everyone is good at predicting the zone.

This was everything that you needed to know about the Miramar map. The map is sizeable, and not everyone’s cup of tea, but understanding this map is important if you are willing to make a career in esports.

Miramar Guide

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