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Professional Esports as a Career: How to Get Started



Esports as a Career
Professional Esports as a Career

Esports has been a renowned but niche industry in the world. The industry has seen significant growth in the past 3 years, and it is constantly growing. There are multiple reasons for it. To start with, the video game industry has started to actively focus on online multiplayer games like PUBG PC, BGMI, Valorant, Call of Duty, etc. Adding to it, the popularity and publicity of multiple esports events has brought in more people inside the community, growing it further.

Professional Esports as a Career

One of the most prominent reasons is the inflow of capital into the market and industry. Many esports players have a good following on social media, and are popular. This encourages people to seek a career in the esports industry, but is that easy? How can one get started with professional esports as a career.? In this article, we highlight the steps needed to pursue professional esports as a career, along with the challenges that you might face.

Tips for Making Esports as a Career

Esports has become one of the most sought-after industries in the recent times. Multiple talent management agencies have come in the forefront that are always searching for new players. However, the industry is very niche, and requires a solid skill set. There are some tips that you can follow to kickstart professional esports as a career.

Understand the Industry

The esports industry is a lot more than just being a player. There are multiple roles and responsibilities that make up the entire structure of the industry. Players, coaches, and commentators are only on the forefront. That being said, if your goal is to become a player, then it is important for you to understand the industry.

Since this article is about becoming an esports player, there are certain things that you need to know about the industry. It is a very tightly packed and without bringing something new to the table, one can not be a part of it. Analysing the changing trends and response of the community can help you connect with people who can assist you at that moment to make forward strides.

Game is Important

Choosing a medium is the first step to starting professional esports as a career. Video games make the foundation of the esports industry, and they are also the gateway to the same. There are multiple games, some are more famous than the others, and some have been around for a very long time. While selecting a game, every player should analyse the community of the game in their region. Regional recognition is the initial step of getting into a full-time esports career.

Professional Esports as a Career

Games like CS: GO and PUBG PC have been around for some time, and the community is fairly big. Taking a competitive route in these games is a little more challenging because the community already knows a lot about the game. Multiple players have established themselves as the pillars of the game for some time, and it can be difficult to penetrate that arena.

Going for a game that is new can help ease the process. It is help you understand the community a little better while being a part of it as it grows. Apex Legends is a good example of such a game. It is fairly new, and multiple players are trying to make an impact in the competitive scene. Being an early bird can be an advantage.

Think Beyond PC

PC games are not the only way of getting into esports. The easily accessible internet connection in the country, and upcoming 5G, the mobile gaming industry is seeing exponential growth. Multiple mobile titles like BGMI, PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile, and Free Fire have a good player base and community. Trying your hands at one of these games can help you get into the community and figure out opportunities for the future.

Professional Esports as a Career

Mobile games are more accessible and can be played anywhere. Trying to engage with such games can be a good step as it is less investment. The argument between PC and mobile has been going on for a while now, and there is no conclusion to it. However, with the likes of Jonathan, Scout, etc. the mobile community has grown drastically, and in some regions has more followers than the PC gaming community.

Experiment With Your Niche

There are many games to choose from and play. Action and shooter games do not need to be your primary focus. Even though these games are popular, not everyone likes engaging with them. You can experiment to choose with multiple games from different genres before settling for one. You do not have to settle for the most popular game. Games like DOTA2 and League of Legends are not action shooter games, but do have a rich community.

Professional Esports as a Career

Experimenting with different games and genres will also keep you away from getting into trending games right away, and you can figure out something that you are better at. During this process, you can also come across a game that is not very famous in your region. This can give you a game that can kick-start your career. Games like FIFA also have esports potential, and if you are someone who enjoys the gameplay of the game, you can look for games of the similar genre.

Practise Makes a Better Man

Once you decide the game, the grind begins. Practising a game is underrated, and multiple players like to jump straight into the competitive mode. If you are someone who takes the same path, then you need t0 change this. Practising a game before getting competitive is a way of knowing about the game in detail.

Every game offers something new and distinct. You can also come up with multiple tricks of your own to suit your play style. Understanding a game inside out helps coordinate with the team, if it is a squad game. Even in single player games, understanding the game and practising it can help you get better at it.

Settings play a major role in any multiplayer game, and spending time practising the game can help you come up with the ideal combination of settings for yourself. Understanding and practising the game will give you better control on the mechanics of the game, while helping you improve simultaneously. Games like Call of Duty Mobile also have an option of practising with AI bots before facing other players. This can give you a clear idea of the same.

Participate in Tournaments

Multiple tournaments take place locally, regionally, and nationally for every game. Games like BGMI, PUBG PC, CS: GO, and lately Valorant, have a number of tournaments that you can participate in. You can have a good understanding of the game, but unless you put yourself out there, you can not get recognised.

Professional Esports as a Career

Source: BBC

Participating, performing, and getting recognised in these tournaments can fast track your process of professional esports as a career. Another plus side of being a part of these small scale tournaments is that you get to understand the temperament needed in a tournament. These tournaments have cash prizes too, and are at times closely watched by multiple team managers scouting for newer players.

This can be your gateway into competitive gaming, and if you win, you can also have a stable source of income.

Form or Be a Part of a Squad

Starting your esports journey can be challenging, and you might be a part of a number of squads to have a faster advancement. However, sticking to a single team or squad can help you enhance the overall coordination, understanding, and the roles of every player in a squad. Sticking with a squad can take you a long way as you can come up with your own tips and tricks, and communication lingoes. This can give you an edge as a squad, and help solidify your bond as a team.

Esports as a Career

Skipping squads or frequently representing different squads can leave a bad impression in the community. No one wants that at the start of their career. Try being a part of a squad that is in its early stages so that you can grow with the squad.

Getting into esports can be tough, and will only get challenging. However, this does not mean that it can not be done. The esports industry is ever-growing, and there is a place for everyone who is good at it. For more such guides, follow Techburner.

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