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How to Enable Screen Lighting Effects on Realme Devices!



We receive a lot of notifications every day, but it is quite essential to categorize them whether they are high priority or not. To help with notifications, our smartphones come with a simple tech called, LED Notification which shoes a custom light to notify you just received a notification. But, brands like realme, OnePlus, and many others are not using this LED Notification tech in their Smartphones, which is a con, and many users complain about it.

Recently, realme Launched its Realme UIwhich comes with some cool features, and one of them is Screen Lighting Effects, which is going to solve users’ complaints regarding LED Notification. All the realme phones with AMOLED Display can now add different lighting effects on their screens using this new feature called Screen Lighting Effect. So, first of all, update your realme Device with all-new Realme UI, and follow this complete guide to use the realme Screen Lighting Effect.

Realme’s new RealmeUI based on Android 10 and ColorOS 7, adds a ton of new features including this new screen lighting mode, a new redesigned and visually better-looking UI, with lots of customizations features revolving around app icons and interface. Coming back on how to set up this realme screen lighting effects (LED Notification on Realme devices).

How to Setup Screen Lighting Effects on Realme Devices:

Step 1: Open Up the Settings App on your Realme device.

Step 2: Search for the option stating “Display Brightness,” On the next page that opens, select the menu saying “Screen Lighting Effects.

Step 3: Now choose the effects which you like and try out a live preview of them. For changing the effects when a call arrives, select “Light Effects for incoming Calls,” and for lock screen notifications, select “Light Effects for Lock Screen Notifications.”

Step 4: There are mainly three color options, namely “Neon Purple,” “Ocean Blue,” and “Amber Orange.” You can select any one of these as per your look.

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List of Devices Supporting Screen Lighting Effects Realme Devices:

All the Realme Devices with AMOLED Panel that is running Realme UI can support this feature, so if you are a realme user, you will definitely get it. Stay tuned here is a small list of devices.

  • Realme X
  • Realme XT
  • Realme X2
  • Realme X2 Pro
  • Realme X50


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