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Top 15 Paid Survey Apps: Earn money for sharing your feedback



Paid Survey Apps

With the world of connectivity has grown to an extent unimaginable at a time in the past, mobile phones and other itsy-bitsy phones no more remain some mere tools of entertainment. You can now earn money only by using your mobile phones through several kinds of paid survey apps. So you just have to Install paid survey apps, keep them in your phone, answer some surveys, refer your friends- and earn money online, as simple as that! The best part is that, as the primary task, you express your opinion and share it with others, and get paid for it.

So, download some of the Paid Survey Apps that, we recommend and earn money online.

Paid Survey Apps

1. Swagbucks (Android; iOS)

Swagbucks is a straightforward and easy-to-use app and offers various methods to earn money. In the app, the money you make is called “Swagbucks.”

While answering surveys is an easy way to make money on Swagbucks, you can complete the following tasks to earn more Swagbucks as well:

  • Watching videos: Watch recommended videos.
  • Playing games: Play the games app suggests.
  • Browsing the internet: Browse things on the Internet through the apps.
  • Shopping online: Use the app and buy online to earn points.
  • Once you have collected enough Swagbucks, we can redeem your easy cash as PayPal, Amazon gift cards and other popular retail currencies.

2. Google Opinion Rewards (Android)

It is yet another very widely-used survey app that gives you Google Play Credits, which you can use to purchase a huge variety of apps, games, music, movies, etcetera from Google Play. Besides, many apps accept Google Play Credits for in-app purchases.

Although it is effortless to earn money using this app, it doesn’t provide as many surveys to fill-up as Swagbucks does. Still, you can keep it in your phone- extra cash is no harm after all! You might receive lesser, or maybe even a LOT more surveys than your friends, however.

Just keep this app on your phone, and you will receive a notification each time there is a new survey. Surveys will keep coming at their own pace.

3. Panel App (Android; iOS)

This app analyzes and measures your device data (includes location, apps, basic activities, etc.) for third-party apps to be able to provide more personalized services.

What makes Panel Apps a bit different from most other reward apps is that it not only gives you gift cards like Amazon and Google Play but also lets you redeem your money in the form of Visa & MasterCard Cash cards. Besides, you can win prizes like iPad and Xbox One as well.

4. Surveys on the Go (Android: iOS)

“Surveys on the Go” is yet another excellent paid surveys-app. It works in collaboration with plenty of corporations and organizations that require people’s views and opinions to serve them better. It is, as of now, only available by users situated in the USA and hence people from other countries can’t earn through this app.

Like most other survey-apps, Surveys on the Go sends a notification to your phone each time a new survey is available for you to answer and once you have completed the questionnaire, you receive money through the app. Most of these surveys on this app are related to Entertainment, Shopping, etc.

5. NCP Online/Nielsen Homescan (Android: iOS)

Formerly known as Nielsen Homescan, this app requires you to join NCP (National Consumer Panel). NCP is a people’s opinion panel where people share their views about several kinds of products and services.

On the NCP Online app, you need to scan things you buy and send some data about the products and services you purchase. The data is safely transmitted to NCP where it is used for the betterment of services.

In exchange for your views, you will receive points that can be redeemed as rewards. You can get yourself registered as a member of NCP easily any time and start using this app.

6. Ipsos i-Say (Android; iOS)

On Ipsos i-Say, you can answer surveys at any time to earn redeemable points easily.

The app sends instant notification of each survey, which means you won’t miss any opportunity to make cash here! Take a questionnaire anytime and earn easy money now. The points you earn can be redeemed as gift cards.

7. iPoll (Android; iOS)

iPoll, like other survey-apps, awards you with points for answering simple survey-questions. These points can be redeemed as gift cards.

A distinctive feature that makes iPoll different from other apps is that it provides ‘missions’ to complete. These missions are simple tasks that you can achieve in your busy life as well, like going shopping and uploading selfies. This feature makes iPoll an app worth checking out as earning cash has never been easier!

8. InboxDollars (Android; iOS)

InboxDollars provides you with several ways to earn money, pretty similar to Swagbucks. These tasks include, but are not limited to playing games, watching videos, checking emails, shopping online, taking surveys and completing other offers.

You receive the money earned through this app directly in your PayPal account.

9. GlobalTestMarket (Android)

GlobalTestMarket is a community that collects valuable feedbacks of its users about the latest devices, technologies, services and other products.

You receive instant notifications about surveys. Besides, there are many ‘mini polls’ on GlobalTestMarket that take very little time.

As a token of thanks for your feedback, this app gives you cash rewards through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Macy’s gift cards, etc.

10. Valued Opinions (Android)

Valued Opinions is a research panel-based app that gives you rewards in return of your feedback of several kinds of products in the form of surveys.

You can redeem your rewards as gift cards of well-known retailers like Amazon, Mercy’s and Target. The average pay per survey on Valued Opinions is $5.

11. QuickThoughts (Android; iOS)

QuickThoughts pays you for completing its surveys and local missions. It is very simple-to-use and provides a vast variety of tasks to achieve.

You may come across several kinds of surveys on QuickThoughts, from fleet polls to exhaustive questionnaires. There are many regular surveys on the app. The pay on QuickThoughts can go up to $3 per survey.

12. Cash Rewards (Android)

Just like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you can earn cash rewards on the Cash Rewards app by answering simple survey-questions and completing many easy tasks like registering on free websites, watching video ads, playing games, downloading free recommended apps and shopping online.

You can redeem your rewards as PayPal, Amazon gift cards, etc.

13. EasyShift (Android; iOS)

This app is completely different from traditional survey apps like Swagbucks and Cash Rewards. On EasyShift, you receive tasks known as ‘Shifts.’

These Shifts require you to visit assigned nearby stores and other places, take surveys about them and upload their photos. As an appraisal token of your efforts, you will receive payout within 48 hours of Shift completion in your PayPal account

This app is a unique one, and the tasks it asks you to achieve are straightforward & easy. They do not take much time, either, if you are already out of your home.

14. Survey Mini (iOS; Android)

SurveyMini mostly gives quick surveys that you can complete on-the-go in spare time. Somewhat like EasyShift, this app, too, sometimes requires you to visit nearby establishments and attractions in your area and provide feedback about them. These feedbacks help the corporations serve their customer in a better way with more knowledge about customer choices.

You earn points when you give your feedback and complete surveys. Other rewards you might win include discounted, and sometimes even free food and services.

An interesting fact about this app is that it was created by scientists from Stanford, Harvard & MIT.

15. Mobee (Android; iOS)

Mobee also requires you to visit nearby places and give your opinion about them. These tasks are listed as ‘missions.’ You complete these missions by traveling in around your area and get rewards for the same.

You can choose how you want to get paid- through cash cards, gift cards or products and services.


The paid survey apps listed above are easy ways to make small amounts of money quickly. Many of these apps also give you free products.

Although the amount earned through this method isn’t much princely, it is indeed worth the little time it takes. It helps you add more money to small savings. You could be traveling, sitting idle and still making money! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Download these apps now, and start making money and also providing your valuable opinion too huge corporations today itself so that they can serve you better. A win-win game!

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