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Top 5 Apps of August 2020 That Should You Try Now



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Every month we share the best and productive apps with all of you. Now, we are here with the August edition. We are sharing the Top 5 Apps of August 2020 to make your day-to-day tasks more manageable. We have listed the Best 5 Apps of August 2020, which we think are so much useful. Now, all users can rely on this article and enjoy the Top 5 Apps of August 2020 also download them. We will provide the download link of the Best 5 App of August 2020 from the Play Store to ensure security for all readers. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the top 5 apps in August.

Best 5 Apps Of August 2020

From the vast collection of apps available on the play store, we have picked a few and put it on the list of Best 5 Apps in August. These apps will help you in your day-to-day activities. We will also provide the download link of all the apps mentioned below. So, let’s get started with our list of the Top 5 Apps of August.

Top 5 Apps of August 2020


Sleepa is a great app to keep yourself calm and relaxed all day and especially while sleeping. Sleepa comes with various natural sounds such as chirping sounds of birds, the music of the flowing river, rain, and many more. Sleepa is the best app for seamless and productive sleep. Sleepa is also suitable for the people who have been diagnosed with Insomnia or who snore while sleeping. In Sleepa, we can produce our relaxing sounds by shuffling different natural sounds. We usually love to listen to Birds chirping sounds in the morning. Now, we can hear it in the afternoon as well. We added Sleepa on the list of Top 5 Apps of August, because of its productive features.

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Reaction Training

Reaction Training is an app that tests our response time. How much time we usually take to react to something? Reaction Training is an exceptional application to train our brain and memory wisely. Also, it helps to improve our psychological stability. Reaction Training has more than 15 reaction tests available such as maths exercise, sound training, vibration training, etc. This app has everything that we need to improve our reflexes and reaction. Reaction Training is the best app for those who are engaged in gaming. Lets go-ahead to the next app from the list of Best 5 Apps of August 2020.


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Blue Light Filter

During this pandemic, the use of our electronic gadgets has increased gradually, especially smartphones. We use our smartphone to attend the online lectures and to do other stuff too. But we forgot to protect our eyes from harmful blue light. The blue light emitting from our smartphone displays could damage our eyes. It could make our eyes weak. To protect our eyes, we have Blue Light Filter app. Blue Light Filter app decreases the temperature of the light-emitting from our smartphones. We can decrease the temperature of the blue light according to our needs. The Blue Light Filter app comes with different colour filters such as night shift, dawn, tube light, etc.

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AR Ruler

AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology to measure the objects with our smartphone’s camera. It reduces the work of carrying physical tape to measure the objects. But, we can carry an AR Ruler anywhere without any hustle. We need to target the aim at the detected plane, and then AR Ruler will start measuring the objects automatically. Let’s move ahead to our next app from the list of Top 5 Apps of August 2020.

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To-Do Reminder with Alarm

If you are not good at remembering dates and tasks, you can try To-Do Reminder with Alarm app. To-Do Reminder with Alarm app helps us to schedule your daily tasks efficiently. We can plan our tasks by merely adding the task’s name, dates, and time. We can even set the before reminder time. To-Do Reminder with Alarm app can also add special days such as friend’s birth dates from your Facebook and too can Sync with Calendar Services like Google.

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These are the must-try apps from the list of Top 5 Apps of August 2020. That’s enough for this article we hope you liked the Best 5 Apps of August 2020. Comment down your favourite app from the list of Top 5 Apps of August. Till then, take care and enjoy these apps.

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