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Why Smartphone cameras can never replace DSLR cameras?



replace DSLR cameras

Almost every year, new smartphones with new and updated technology are launched. If we look back just 5 years back, the smartphones were really costly. Also, the internet was so costly, that 1GB of Data cost somewhere around Rs. 300. But now the scenario has been completely changed. Big thanks to Jio for making it possible for India to grow digitally worldwide. Smartphones nowadays are also much cheaper as compared to those days. The reason is the growing technology, now we’re able to manufacture good handsets by investing a much smaller amount.

With this growing techie world, some Technology Experts are also claiming that in a few years, smartphone cameras will substitute the DSLR cameras. So in this article, we are pointing out some reasons, why Smartphone cameras can never replace DSLR cameras. Maybe it’ll be possible in a few centuries, but not in just a few years.

Why Smartphone cameras can never replace DSLR cameras?

Firstly, I’m not trying to rant about smartphone cameras. Modern smartphone cameras work really well. You can easily click beautiful selfies and pictures with it. The portrait mode of the smartphone cameras gives the picture blur like a DSLR image. But the truth is, there’s no comparison of a smartphone camera with any DSLR. In terms of performance, smartphone cameras are just like a born baby standing in front of a Young Man. Why I’m saying so??? Because I respect physics. Let me explain it more clearly.

If you follow our Tech Burner channel regularly, you may already know the reason very well. Shlok has already explained in detail about that, so make sure to check that video after reading this article.

The science behind the pictures taken by Cameras

The actual reason is the sensor size. Maybe technology can grow much better to make smartphone pictures look great. But no technology can compete with the physics. Sensor size always affects picture quality the most. The reason is the fact that, greater the light enters the camera sensor, better is the picture quality. That’s quite obvious because whatever we see through our eyes is visible to us because sunlight reflects from the object to our eyes. Making it possible for us to see the objects.

Same way, greater the amount of light enters in the sensor, better is the quality of the picture. And the smartphone camera sensors are too small in front of DSLR cameras. So there’s no competition at all in between both of these. Also, smartphones are made for purposes of calling, texting, listening to music, watching videos, etc. I mean there are a lot of things what a smartphone can do. But DSLR cameras are just made for the purpose to capture awesome quality pictures and as well as videos. It can be said another reason for it.

I hope I made it clear for you guys to understand the fact that there’s no competition in between smartphone and DSLR. Both are made for doing their own tasks. If you enjoyed reading this article then don’t forget to leave a comment down below. For more quality tech updates, please subscribe to our notifications.

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