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Can Realme 2 become the Real Voice of India?



realme 2

Indian smartphone market is the World’s Second largest smartphone market and it’s increasing day by day. All the smartphone manufacturer knows the potential of Indian Market and all the brands are trying to impress Indian audience. In the last few years, we have seen, how the Indian market changed. Recently, Realme enter into the smartphone market, and it’s performed really well with all the supports from Amazon and Indian consumers. Realme 1 was a powerful budget king of 10000 rupees, with a chipset like Helio P60 and aggressive pricing, audience praises the smartphone. This creates excitement for their upcoming smartphone Realme 2. So, in this article, we will talk about “Can Realme 2 become the Real Voice of India?” Check the result of the Real Voice of India survey.

Recently Flipkart alliance with FirstPost and created a survey called Real Voice of India survey, to know the choice of Indian Audience, about their favorite features on their smartphones.


Now, We will tell you what Indian Audience wants on their smartphone. The survey was divided into two section i.e Millennials ( from 18 to 30 age group) and Generation X (from 30 to 45 age group). According to survey spectators from the age group between 18 to 30 wanted to have a good camera as their first priority on their smartphones. On the other hand, people between the age group of 30 to 45 demands long-lasting battery life on their smartphone.

Flipkart Survey

What Audience Wants

Survey stats that, both Millennials and Generation X wants the powerful chipset on their smartphone. Means fast processing and powerful performance is their first priority. This makes chipset makers to introduce more powerful chipset for both budget and flagship smartphone. Survey clearly show a 57% vote is in the pocket of powerful performance. Also, the survey tells 51% Indian Youth likes black color smartphone and 25% like the blue color and the 10% likes the red color.

Smartphone Colours

Realme 2 is the Perfect Smartphone?

Also at the end, Flipkart is indicating that they are going to launch the Realme 2 as a phone for the youth of India. based on the survey preferences. Also, they quoted “That red “real” in “reality” sure is suspicious.’

Realme2 Quote

Well, we get a clear idea that the company is teasing us about the upcoming smartphone Realme 2 which is going to launch on August 28.

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