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[Official] Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Camera Samples



Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is an industry-changing device. You’ll wow seeing the screen that’s a guarantee. However, it’s not only the screen which is whooping in the Mi Mix Alpha. Yeah, you probably guessed it already. The massive Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera is also something incredibly unique- 108MP! Looks like this megapixel war isn’t settled with the 64MP race. It’s on, it’s very much on! Xiaomi officially posted Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples in Weibo and the details are amazing. Although the below-mentioned images are downscaled in JPG, you get the idea where we’re headed.Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Camera Expectations:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera setup also included a 12MP Telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Needless to say, the digital zoom from the huge 108MP sensor with 1/1.33″ area will be as good as a telephoto sensor, if not better. Not only that, the primary sensor has an aperture of f/1.7, which is quite the industry standard not counting the Samsung f/1.5 sensors. Now, this implies incredible low light camera performance. Unfortunately, in the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples posted by Xiaomi, there isn’t any lowlight shot to judge right now.

While zooming at night, the huge megapixel count and higher aperture will help in crisp shots. Add a good Nightsight algorithm, it might do wonders! Yes, you thought right, I was talking about gcam. With pixel binning in effect, the quality further improves producing 27MP shots.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Camera Samples:

Also, if you’re wondering about the front shooter, there isn’t any. So this 108MP camera is what you use to snap selfies with. Instagram is going to be thrashed with 108MP selfies- we can just think so little of that! In addition to that, you can also use the 20MP 117° ultra-wide camera as selfie shooter too! We expect some stunning experience from the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples here- both front and rear, night and day.

The pricing for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will also be as humongous as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera. Needless to say, this smartphone isn’t a necessity, it’s more of bleeding-edge technology and luxury. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha can be compared to the state of current foldable phones.

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