All Tesla Models That will be Launched in India and Their Prices

Its been a year since Tata has launched its Tata Nexon EV. According to the TOI, the company has sold over 3000 units in its one year Tenure. Where the Charging stations are still not that common to see on the Indian roads. In India Electric Car option seems a little slow in comparison to other nations, when we talk about electric cars Tesla is an obvious name to say. Tesla is soon going to launch its Models in India a recent report has come which tell s about the available models in India and their Prices.

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The Tesla Models that will be available in India will be… Tesla Model 3 will cost around Rs 60 lakhs, Tesla Model S will cost Rs 1.5 Crore, and Tesla Model X will cost Rs 66 lakhs these are the Models that will be available in India but, in the future more of their product will be available.

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