Avengers Endgame action Figures Release Ironman and Thanos Armour and we can’t wait for Endgame!

Hey, Marvel fans! Hello DC fans! I do not disagree with you that even if you’re a DC Comic fan, MCU is miles ahead of DCEU and you’re excited about Avengers Endgame 2019 ain’t you? We all are. The world is longing for the Avengers Endgame, including India. English might not be our mother tongue, but hey, it’s Marvel! You can’t help loving MCU. Moreover,  Avengers Endgame in India is releasing in many local languages, including Hindi of course. Recently, posters by Hot Toy’s released looks of Avenger Endgame action figures which include Ironman action figures and Thanos action figures, both suited up.

Marvel action figures and Avengers Endgame action figures in Techburner?

If you’re a returning visitor and a member of Techburner family, you might be wondering why we are talking about Avengers Endgame action figures here! Well, we all love tech, and MCU is tech. Moreover, add Ironman and the whole Marvel franchise, Avengers Endgame action figures are part of tech itself. So far, two action figures have leaked.

  • Ironman action figures
  • Thanos action figures

Why are we excited about Marvel action figures?

In the past, Marvel action figures have revealed a lot about story plots, characters, twists and we love Marvel action figures, especially, when it’s March 2019 and the released images are of Avengers Endgame action figures which is releasing in 26th April 2019! Tony Stark is still in space. Thanos is somewhere none knows. In the meantime, Ironman action figures and Tony Stark in the latest trailer makes us fans super emotional and excited about his return which is almost confirmed now. Though, until we see Avengers Endgame, nothing can be confirmed. Hulk in Avengers Infinity War’s trailer has taught us that. On the other hand, Thanos action figures give us a look at his comic famous armor. It’s gonna be a tough fight for “Earth’s mightiest heroes!”


Marvel action figures number one – Ironman action figures:

According to Hot Toys’ description of the Ironman action figures under the Avengers Endgame action figures category, will be 1/6th scale and stand approximately 32.5 centimeters tall. The figures feature thirty points of articulation. Additionally, the website explains that the armor will be faithful to the version appearing in the Avengers Endgame movie, saying:

Exquisitely crafted based on Tony Stark/Iron Man in Avengers Endgame, the true-to-movie figures features two interchangeable head sculpts including a newly developed head sculpt with remarkable likeness and an interchangeable helmeted head with LED-light up function, intricate design of the Iron Man armor has been faithfully reproduced with red, gold and charcoal grey coloring painted carefully with a metallic appearance, LED light-up functions scattered throughout the upper body, back and Arc Reactor on chest, Nano Lightning Refocuser attachable to the back, multiple pairs of interchangeable hands for iconic gestures, character-themed figures stand with movie logo.

The Ironman action figures also reveal that the name of the Ironman armor which will compete against Thanos action figures, and Thanos himself, will be named Mark LXXXV. That’s 35 if your eyes are hallucinating with the name of the Marvel action figures armor.


Ironman Action figures Images:

Marvel Action Figures number two – Thanos Action figures:

According to Hot Toy’s, the Thanos action figures under the Avengers Endgame action figures which will try to resist Ironman action figures, or Ironman himself, feature a lot of details which are as follows:

Skillfully crafted based on the main appearance of Thanos in Avengers Endgame, the highly detailed figure features two newly painted head sculpts capturing the Mad Titan’s serious and angry facial expression with the amazing likeness. The newly debuted figure also features a specially designed muscular body showing detailed skin texture and tendons, Thanos’ signature full body armor with trim details and weathering effects, a 1/6th scale Infinity Gauntlet equipped with LED light-up function and matching interchangeable hands mounted with all six Infinity Stones, a helmet attachable on both head sculpts, a heavy double-bladed sword, and a character-themed figure base.

Thanos action figures images:

Marvel Action figures – Avengers endgame action figures:

So now, excited? We all are. But these small reveals here and there what makes the fans more thirsty and longing for the final release. This is why MCU has been so successful in the past 10 years. Tell us about what you think about Avengers endgame in India and what are your predictions and fan theories.

Some move on. But not us. We will keep providing such awesome contents and leaks,


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