Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You Should Try

There are different virtual assistant available including Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, even Samsung’s own Bixby. But we all know Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant. Generally, we use ‘Hey Google’ to know about the weather or to ask any question. But Google Assistant is much powerful, there are a lot of great Google Assistant tips and tricks which are highly useful. Let’s talk about some cool ‘Hey Google’ tips.

Identify The Songs

We listen to many songs throughout the day while traveling, at college canteen or at the office, but unable to identify the song. Just say “Ok Google, identify this song”, and in few seconds Google will recognise that song for you so you can add it to your playlist.


Shopping List

If you are going to a shopping mall and don’t want to forget any shopping item. Just try saying, “Ok Google, add mobile and charger to my shopping list” and Google will do that for you. You can add another thing later too. Ask Google to show your shopping list and your shopping list will there on your mobile screen.

Convert Anything

We often need to convert the different currencies and units. You don’t need to open calculator app to covert, just say  “Hey Google, convert $100 into Indian Rupees” or  “Hey Google, convert 37 degrees into Fahrenheit” That is as simple as that. Even you can ask Google to multiply or divide any numbers.

Google Lens

Google Assistant comes with built-in support for the Google lens. You can use Google Lens for various purposes including copying text or to know about any place by clicking the image. The most useful feature is you can copy the URL from your PC by simply clicking a picture of the URL.

Change The Google Assistant Voice

Google Assistant comes with an American female voice. If you don’t like this voice then you can select another voice because Google Assistant supports multiple voices which include both men and women voices with different accents. Go to Settings > Preferences > Assistant Voice. Now select the one which you likes the most.

Set up Routines

‘Routines’ is the most useful feature of Google Assistant. You can set an automated task with Routines. For example, Say Good Morning and Assistant will tell you about the weather, your commute, your reminders, it will also adjust the media volume for you and you can choose what to play Music, News, Podcast or radio later. You can create your own customized Routines. I have set an automated task when I say Tabahi, Google Assistant automatically opens

Location-Based Reminders

You have to mail someone after reaching office or you have to submit your assignment after reaching you collage, google assistant will remind you to do that. Just say “Hey Google, remind me to submit the assignment When I reach college”. Now, when you reach college, the Assistant will remind you.


Find Your Photos

You can ask Assistant to show the pictures from your Google Photos. It is easy to find the pictures with Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google, show me my pictures from last week” or  “Hey Google, show me my pictures from Rajasthan trip” and here you go. The photos are in front of you.

That’s all in this article. Let us know if we missed any useful Google Assistant trick in the comment section below.

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