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Google Chromecast is Getting New Kids Profile Feature



Google Chromecast is one of the best Media Streaming devices that you can get. However, it doesn’t have one major feature which is the ability to add multiple users. Since you can only make one profile on the Chromecast, there is no way to prevent kids from watching adult content. Thankfully finally there now you are able to get parental control over your Google Chromecast. A company representative said that soon the feature will be available to Google TV Kids Profile.

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Credit: Android Police

“Just wanted to post an update that Kids Profiles should be rolling out in the next month (or so). Restricted profiles are indeed deprecated in [Google TV] and replaced by the new feature “Kids Profiles”, which allows you to set up a safe space for kids in Google TV. During onboarding, you can choose what apps to make available to kids. YouTube Kids is available by default and other installed apps required parent opt-in before they are made available to the kid. Leaving the kid’s profile can be restricted by a PIN to prevent kids from accidentally going back to the parent account,” comment on a Google Issue Tracker. This isn’t what exactly we want but you will be able to prevent your kids from watching content.

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