Google Cloud and Cloud4C Teams Up to Build a COE

Cloud4C and Google Cloud have teamed up to build a Centre of Excellence (COE). Google Cloud and Cloud4C want to create a way so enterprises can accelerate their digital transformation on the cloud. Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, Clod4C said “We are delighted to collaborate with Google Cloud. Our customers can leverage the best of Google’s offerings in a secure manner with reduced capital investment and improved value delivery. The CoE will serve as a multi-disciplinary customer showcase hub, developing and delivering solutions for high efficiency and reliability” He further added, “Rapid deployment of SAP applications through Anthos by Google will additionally contribute to lowering carbon footprint.”

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Credit: Dataquest

This partnership will help the organization make full use of Cloud4C’s end to end SAP capabilities through multi loud support, centralized policy, infrastructure management, enhance the platform, and much more.

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