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Here Are 5 Reasons to Wear Masks Even After Getting Vaccinated



Coronavirus kept us locked in the house for the whole year and for those who leave the home were strictly asked to wear masks in public. Now we have many vaccines for the deadly Coronavirus from different makers and in many places vaccination is already started. In this article, we are going to mention 5 reasons to wear masks even if you got vaccinated.

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Credits: Unicef

  1. The available vaccines are not 100% effective
  2. Immediate protection is not provided by vaccines
  3. COVID-19 vaccine may not prevent you from spreading Corona
  4. People with a compromised immune system gets help by wearing a mask
  5. Masks are effective against all strains of Covid-19 in spite of genetic mutations

These are the main reasons for which you should wear masks even if you got vaccinated. Moreover, the masks also protect you against the pollution around you.

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