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How To Enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11



what is mouse clicklock in windows 11

Windows 11 offers a brand new refreshed design along with a bunch of customizations. You can now fine tune the tiniest details as per your taste and it could not have been better. One such nifty little feature is to enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11. But, what is the Mouse ClickLock feature of Windows 11 and how does enabling/disabling it affect you? Let’s have a look into in this article.

What is Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11?

ClickLock is a mouse feature in Windows 11 that lets you lock down your primary mouse button just after a single click. It eliminates the need to hold down the primary mouse key after pressing it in order to move, drag or select objects or text. You only need to press the primary mouse key once again to release the hold and that’s it. 

Steps To Enable Mouse ClickLock In Windows 11 

  • Press Windows Key + I in order to open the Settings menu via the keyboard shortcut.
  • On the left pane, go to the Bluetooth & devices option. 

how to turn on or off clicklock in windows 11

  • In the right pane menu, scroll down till you find the option that says Mouse. 

how to Enable mouse clicklock

  • In this Mouse Settings page, scroll down and select the option of Additional Mouse Settings. 

How to turn on clicklock in windows

  • A window by the name of Mouse Properties will open up. Check the box next to Turn on ClickLock in order to enable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 11. 

How to turn off clicklock in windows

  • You can now check whether the feature has been activated by clicking on any item with your primary mouse button for a brief moment. If you want to release the lock, click on the primary mouse button once. You can now drag the selected item anywhere without having to press or hold down on any mouse button whatsoever. 
  • You can also adjust the duration for the ClickLock option as per your convenience by clicking on the Settings button here and dragging the cursor. 

best step by step guide for enabling and disabling mouse clicklock

  • In case you want to disable the feature, all you need to do is uncheck the box next to Turn on ClickLock.
  • To successfully save your changes, click on Apply and then OK

That’s it! This is how you can enable or disable mouse ClickLock in Windows 11. Did you enjoy this tech tip? If you did, make sure to checkout TechBurner for more awesome tech content! 

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