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How to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations In India: Check Now



Nearby EV Charging Stations In India

Electric vehicles are surely the future and companies such as Tesla are leading the revolution. India too has caught on with the times and is witnessing a steady demand for electric vehicles; from cars such as Tata Nexon EV and MG ZS EV to scooters such as Ola S1 and Revolt RV 300. But, the one question common to everyone is the availability of nearby EV charging stations in India. It is definitely not as common as petrol pumps yet but that doesn’t mean it’s uncommon. You just need to know the right places. And for that, we have curated this article with apps and websites that help you find nearby EV charging stations in India, wherever you are located.

How to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations In India: Ways

Google Maps 

The easiest way to find anything on the face of this earth is to look it up on Google Maps and EV charging stations in India are no exception. Simply open Google Maps on whatever device you’re on and search for “Electric Vehicle/EV charging stations.” Google Maps will show you a list of all the EV charging stations near you with their exact address, charging plug, and output power. 

list of ev charging stations in India

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EV Plugs

EV Plugs is a free-to-download app for Android as well as iOS that helps you locate nearby EV charging stations in India by popular vendors such as Tata Power, EESL, Statiq, Ather, Magenta, and more. Once you have downloaded the app, you can fill in what type of electric vehicle you own in order to find compatible charging stations nearby along with filters such as plug type and distance. It even has Google Maps support to give you directions. 

Ev charging stations near me

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Statiq somewhat works a bit differently than EV Plugs. It lets you book a slot at its charging stations and make payments through the app itself. You can view a bunch of stats within the app such as real-time status of the charging stations, price per kW, operating hours of various charging stations, and so on. 

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Tata Motors 

Tata Motors has a website to locate EV charging stations all over India which includes their own service stations as well as charging stations from Ather, EESL, Tata Power CCS2 & slow chargers, Statiq, and Zeon chargers. The only con of the website is you will not be able to view the real-time status of the charging stations.

Tata ev charging station

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Tata Power EZ Charge 

Besides the Tata Motors website, there’s also the Tata Power EZ Charge app if you are someone who’s looking for a Tata charging station specifically. It is more comprehensive than the website in terms of details such as operating hours, real-time status of charging stations, connector types, and so on. You can even make the payment via the app itself much like Statiq. 

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Last, but not least, ChargeList is a simple website that shows EV charging stations in India. It only shows the listed charging stations so it is not as detailed and comprehensive as the other apps and websites on the list.

locate ev charging stations nearby

So, these were some of the helpful resources you can use the next time you’re looking for an electronic vehicle charging station near you. Until then, stay tuned to TechBurner for more! 

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