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How to Use Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage?



Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

In this age of technology and data, storage is very important for everyone. We work with multiple files like images, audio, videos, and other files daily, and it is very easy to run out of storage. There are a few free options of storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. but the accessible storage is limited. Therefore, it is very easy to run out of storage, and one can not keep creating new email IDs to have access to more storage. Users need a one-stop solution for their storage-related requirements. Accessing more storage on multiple cloud storage platforms asks users to buy more space, and everyone can’t work with that. Here’s how to use Telegram as your personal cloud storage in some simple steps.

How to Use Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage?

Telegram is a free messaging service. Users can access the platform on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The app can be downloaded from any internet browser. The platform is safe as it stores everything on the cloud, and there are no major concerns about you losing the data. This option can be massively utilized by users for their personal use by creating a bot.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

It is best to use the option as private storage, rather than a public sharing option. This way the privacy of you and your documents will be safe, and accessible only to you. The process is simple and does not require any hassle or coding. Users can carry out the entire process with the help of a smartphone.

Steps to Utilize Telegram as Your Cloud Storage

Create a Telegram Account

The first step to accessing the platform as your personal cloud storage is creating an account. The app is available on Google Play Store, Apple App store, and can be downloaded from the official website for PCs and Macs. There are two variants of the app, Telegram and Telegram X.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

Both apps are very similar to each other, but Telegram X brings in some extra customization features. Sign in with your contact number, the process is fairly simple.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

Creating a New Bot

Step 1: After the sign-in, it is time to create a new bot. This will give you a new distributed storage. For starters, go to the search option and type in “Bot Father”. This is an essential bot for creating more bots.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

Step 2: After you open “Bot Father”, go ahead and press the forward-slash symbol (/), next to the emoticon symbol.

Step 3: Type in “/newbot” from the options on your screen.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

The following step will ask you for a name for your bot. Choose a name of your liking, and you are all set to go.

Storing Files in Your Personal Cloud Storage

After your bot is made, BotFather will provide you with a connection. Tapping on the given connection will redirect you to your bot. Tap on the start button, and you can start uploading your files and documents. This storage space is limitless, and you can upload as many files and documents as you want.

Telegram As Your Personal Cloud Storage

There can be apprehension about this bot being open to all. However, for every new user, it will work as a private bot, and the files will not be overlapping. Your files and documents are safe in this bot, and you can access all of them in one place.

These were the simple steps to utilize Telegram as your personal cloud storage. This alternative is completely safe and private. For more such content and guides, follow Techburner.

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