Huawei AR Map Launched: Combines Virtual World with Reality

Huawei seems to be ready to take the challenge to Google. After the closure of using Google services, the company had to bring alternative apps. Recently, Huawei rolled out its AR (Augmented Reality) Map in the app market. Huawei AR Map is powered by its Cyberverse technology. This technology combines the virtual world with reality in a real-time environment. According to the official information, the AR Map allows users to find the legendary pinpoints, landmarks and interesting stories that happened around the space that you steps in. Continue reading this article to know more about the new AR Map by Huawei.

Why Huawei needed its AR Map?

One of the multiple fields of use of the augmented reality (AR) is its fusion with maps. It was initially seen with Google Maps AR, and now Huawei also tries with their AR Maps. The new service is present in China together with the launch of the P40 series. Having wanted to focus on offering very high precision, Huawei has decided to provide this new platform only in China. It cannot be excluded that it can then also be brought to different countries as well. It is not confirmed whether it will be available on different smartphones as well.

Highlights of the new AR Map by Huawei

1. AR live navigation.
2. Recognition of the current position by just lifting the phone.
3. Navigation is intuitive and provides guidance on real-time images to reach the target.
4. One can view the holographic information displayed.
5. Also, you can get additional information after reaching your destination by clicking on the superimposed information signs.

Features of the Huawei AR Map

The AR Map by Huawei has a live AR navigation feature. It recognizes the current positions of the phone. It helps the users to navigate through a destined place with directions and turning points. When you navigate your phone towards a place or landmark, it identifies the object and projects the AR-related information on the phone. Users can then click on the AR content to get more information.

With the Huawei AR Map, users can experience real-world locations virtually. The AR Map by Huawei is not just for experiencing virtual locations from home. It also works like a regular map and includes live navigation. Finally, seamless integration with the real world when you step out of your home. Huawei says it also has fun activities such as mythical creatures and virtual characters.

What is Huawei’s Cyberverse Technology?

Cyberverse technology was initially introduced during the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) in 2019. The company describes Cyberverse as an innovative advanced technology that connecting users, space, and data through spatial computing. It also provides Huawei’s mobile device users interaction mode and new user experience. Huawei Cyberverse Technology incorporates device technologies such as 3D ultra-high-definition map and spatial commuting. It also has scenario understanding, ultra-realistic immersive rendering, and the 5G network.

The Cyberverse will use for public places such as tourist attractions, museums, airports, high-speed railway stations, and commercial buildings. Cyberverse will cover a range of application scenarios. It will use in 100 sites before the end of the second quarter of 2020, and in 1000 sites by the end of the year. Share your thoughts on the AR Map by Huawei in the comments.

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