Meet the 19 Years Old Indian Boy Who Clicked the Viral Instagram Egg

Hey! Have you followed World Record Egg on Instagram? If not, then just go and follow the page. Wait, let me tell you why you should do so.

Recently an Instagram page called world_record_egg went viral in very less time. This profile has over 8.3 Million followers till now and has only one photo which has 49 Million likes. The photo is famous for it’s Instagram Egg. It is the highest liked photo on Instagram. Earlier the most liked photo on Instagram was of Kyle Jenner’s first baby’s.

Instagram Egg

So few of the netizens searched for the owner of the page and found out that it was a 19 Years Old Indian boy, Ishan Goel.

But few are saying that original credit must go to the Chicken which produces the Egg. But Ishan’s secret trick helped it to reach the Internet World.

Ishan Goel posted the photo on 4th January. He just wanted to cross the highest likes on Instagram, which Kyle Jenner had previously.

Ishan said that he had posted this photo on Instagram and send the link to his Reddit Community of Influencers, Celebrities and most importantly his friends.

Soon many of the Influencers and Celebrities started Following the account and sharing it. Suddenly one day the likes on the photo crossed the 18 Million mark. And one day it finally crossed 48 Millon likes.

Here comes another incident. Indian singer Diljit Dosanjh posted a video to his idol Kyle Jenner and told her to be ‘tension-free’.


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