Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Coming Soon: Check Out all the Features

macOS Spotlight is one of the best features of the Apple Macbook Series Computers. This feature comes along with the Operating System itself which can be used as a Launcher to Launch Applications or Open a particular File/Folder. You can press Command+Spacebar on your Mac to trigger the Spotlight Launcher. However, until now, Microsoft did not have any of these Launcher-like features, which could’ve helped the users. There is only Run (Windows+R) or the Cortana Search Bar, which are not as good as the macOS Spotlight. However, Microsoft has recently Developed a Spotlight-like feature known as PowerLauncher (a PowerToys App) which will come soon with a Feature Update. Have a look at Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Features along with tentative Launch Date.

What is Microsoft Spotlight Launcher?

Microsoft Spotlight Launcher is the Windows 10 Version of the macOS Spotlight Feature which is too much popular among the macOS users. As Windows 10 did not have the Launcher Feature and hence users had to use any Third-party Application to use the feature, Microsoft has finally moved forward towards making the feature work. Now, they have confirmed that the feature will come with future updates and even have Created a Github Repository of the same. Click here to check that out.

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Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Features

Since you know about Microsoft Spotlight Launcher, here are the Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Features. Although, with the first build, this one won’t be that much powerful like the macOS version is, still it will be able to handle most of the portions of it. Check out the Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Features –

  1. Launch Apps – The most common use of this Launcher is Launching Apps. Simply trigger the Launcher with Windows+R and Enter the Name of the App you want to Open and Click on that.
  2. Search by File Type – Just like macOS, type “kind:” followed by the type of fine you want to Search and get that in a few seconds.
  3. Search using Natural Language – You can just type phrases like “apps from last month” to get a list of them and launch them from the same place.
  4. Make Calculations – Just you do it in Cortana Search, put any kind of Simple Math, i.e. 10+50 and get the results.
  5. Get Weather Info – Simply type phrases like “today’s weather” or “next seven days weather” and get the Info in a few secs.
  6. Misc. – There are a lot more features like Music, Movies, Stocks, Phone Call, Directions, etc. All of these will help you a lot.

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How to Download Microsoft Spotlight Launcher – PowerLauncher

The Microsoft Spotlight Launcher will come soon with Windows 10 Feature Updates. This is why you can’t download the feature and implement it. However, if you are a Developer or know a few things about Github, you can check out Microsoft’s Official Repository for the same. Just click on the link below.

Microsoft Spotlight Launcher Github

How to Install Microsoft Spotlight Launcher

As we have mentioned earlier, you can’t download Microsoft Spotlight Launcher. Still, here are the steps to Clone the Project from Github to your PC and use it via some IDE.

  1. Make sure you have Git for Windows. If not, download from here.
  2. Now open Git Bash where you want to Clone the Project.
  3. Type “git clone” and hit Enter.
  4. Go to the Installer and Install the MSI File.
  5. Also, read the Readme.MD File to make sure you Install it in the right way.

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So, what do you think about the Microsoft Spotlight Launcher? Let us know in the comments below. Till then “Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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