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Mobile Radiations and SAR Value Explained-Phone Radiation Effects!



mobile radiations

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Are you going to purchase a new smartphone? But wait, do you know about mobile radiation and its effects? These radiations can have ill effects on your health but can they cause any serious disease! And what is SAR value? Don't get tense by these heavy words. In this article, we would try to explain the SAR value, mobile phone radiation, and mobile radiations' effects as you must know all the things about this widely debatable topic!!!


  • Mobile Radiations and its cause?
  • What is the SAR value?
  • Mobile Radiations' and it's Effects

sar valueMobile Radiations and its causes!!!

So, what all is this mobile radiation stuff? We all are connected to the network every time. Whether it is a data connection or a call. To make this network connection possible, the mobile phone transmits and receives radiation which is later interpreted into the required information. This is what basically mobile radiation is. But, the major question is how is mobile radiation even a problem. It isn't if you are using a simple handset like Nokia 3310. But today we are connected to the Internet (a network basically) every time, we are streaming youtube or surfing the web and this results in a lot of radiations to be received by the mobile phone and this can lead to some issues. Although the electromagnetic rays that mobile phones use are non-ionizing we all know that excess of anything could be bad and this is not different in the case of these radiations.

What causes more Radiations?

These radiations or electromagnetic waves are too important for connectivity but what causes it to be more? Your mobile phone works a lot so that you can get a better network, so, in a case when you are not in a region where you can't get a proper network, the phone tries too hard and emits more electromagnetic waves. This can happen in a remote area like a forest or an area with a lot of obstructions like a place with a lot of buildings.

What is the SAR Value?

It means "Specific Absorption Rate". The proper definition could be like this-"It is a value which tells how much mobile radiations are entering your body." It is measured in power per unit mass i.e. W/KG(watt per kg) and the reading is taken in a specific amount of time. So this takes a reading of how much energy is being absorbed by the human tissue. In India, the maximum SAR Value cannot go beyond 1.66 W/KG.

But you cannot completely rely on the SAR Value as a phone with a lower SAR Value may emit more radiations in an area deficit of network as we mentioned above. 

Phone Radiation Effects!!!

There is not much risk of these radiations as they are non-ionizing. But if there is excessive emission, it may lead to certain serious problems-

  • Headache
  • Brain Tumor
  • Mental Sickness
  • Cancerous Problems
  • Losing Fertility in males

These could be there if you are using your phone without even having a tea break(tea is important). So, we advise you to use mobile phones judiciously. Hope this article helps!!

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      April 6, 2019 at 3:36 pm

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