Oppo A91 and Oppo F15 Android Update: New Features

Recently, Oppo rolled out a new fresh update for the Oppo R15 devices which introduced the latest Android 10 operating system. If you are an Oppo F15 or Oppo A91 user, now it’s time for a superior upgrade. According to the Oppo, they are releasing one of the significant updates for Oppo A91 and Oppo F15 smartphone users. In Oppo F15 and Oppo A91 android update, they have introduced some efficient features for mobile gamers and also focussed on cleaner and intuitive UI. The Oppo F15 android update would be the same as Oppo A19. In this article, we will discuss the changes and new features added with Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update and Oppo A91 ColorOS 7 update. Let’s get started with Oppo F15 new update features.

Oppo F15 Android Update Changes

The new Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update will bring every feature which Google introduced in the Android 10. The first thing we want to clarify is, both Oppo F15 and Oppo A91 are the same devices. Oppo launched Oppo A91 in China and launched it in India as Oppo F15. The Oppo A91 is a global variant, and Oppo F15 is only for India. The Oppo A91 android update will bring some useful features such as system-wide Dark Mode, Full-Screen gestures, etc. In this Oppo A91 ColorOS 7 update, we are going to see some game optimization features as well.

Moreover, the update is going to enhance the entire user experience. After the stable Android 10 update, the build number would be CPH2001PUEX_11.C.11. Let’s start with our first Oppo F15 new update feature.

Android 10 Based ColorOS 7 Update For Oppo F15/A91 Changelog


  • This time Oppo added their own Oppo Sans font to deliver the intuitive and refreshing feel to users.
  • To make users experience more engaging, they introduce a new borderless design for attractive visuals.

Smart Sidebar

  • In the new Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update, we will get enhanced UI and optimized one-handed operations.
  • We can choose any application to view it in split-screen mode.
  • Two new settings have been added, which helps to hide the Assistive Ball in full-screen mode and allows to increase the Opacity of Assistive Ball.
  • Now, the floating window feature will be supported with more applications.
  • Added Bubbles: A bubble will display when we open an app in a split view from the quick sidebar.


  • After the Oppo A91 ColorOS 7 update, we will be able to use the 3-Finger screenshot shortcut. We will be able to capture screenshots by swiping three fingers downwards at a particular time and adjusts it’s the length as well.
  • Screenshots Preview: Whenever we will take a screenshot, it will immediately preview the screenshot with some options such as share, edit, and long screenshots.
  • By Swiping inward from both sides of the screen and then hold it for a while will let us switch to the previous app screenshot.
  • Screenshot settings: Now we can set the screenshot sound and adjust the position of the screenshot.

Navigation Gestures

  • Optimized gestures for landscape mode.
  • New gesture added: By swiping inward from both sides of the screen and holding it for a while can switch us to the previous app.


  • Dark Mode: New Dark Mode feature has been added, which protects our eyes from the harmful vibrant lights by reducing the power consumption.
  • New charging animation added.
  • Focus mode: In Focus Mode, we can block certain mobile applications for a specific time. So, we can not use them.
  • By swiping left or right, we can clear banner notifications.
  • Pause function added in screen recording.
  • Added settings for screen recording.
  • New sounds added for calculator key touches, compass pointer, and file deletion.
  • Optimized in-built ringtones.
  • New colour accessibility mode added for visually impaired users.
  • We can track the memory consumption of any application.


  • Optimized the loading animation of Game Space.
  • Optimized visual interaction of Game Space.


  • New live wallpapers added.
  • New static wallpapers added.
  • In the Oppo F15 android update, we can adjust the size of the fonts and icons to be displayed.
  • We can customize the size, shape, and style of the icons on the Home screen.
  • More clock styles added.
  • Improved the graphic design of password unlocks and facilitate one-handed operations.
  • By swiping up on the Lock screen, we can switch to different unlock methods.

Let’s move to another Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update changelog.


  • We can connect our device to Wi-Fi by using any random MAC Address to bypass unwanted ads and protect our privacy.


  • With the help of quick settings, we can open the calculator in a floating window.
  • We can now trim the screen recordings.
  • New weather animations and ringtones added, which automatically adjusts the current weather sounds and animations.


  • Added albums recommendation in case of 80+ different scenes.
  • Optimized photos UI for a more transparent structure.


  • The optimized camera user interfaces for a better experience.
  • Optimized camera shutter sounds.


  • After this Oppo A91 android update, Oppo A91 and Oppo F15 would be able to transfer files with Vivo and Xiaomi users.
  • Optimized contacts User Interface for a more fantastic experience.


  • It now supports search bar which shows related searches and searches history.


  • Soloop Video Editor to create videos.
  • Docsvault App: A place where we can easily store and manage our documents, ID’s, and more.

Note: DocVault is only available for the phones available in India.

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How to Get Oppo F15 Android Update or Oppo A91 Android Update?

We have gone through the changes and features Oppo has made in Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update and Oppo A91 ColorOS 7 update. Now, let’s know-how can Oppo F15 users update their smartphones. The whole process stated below totally depends on your internet connection. So, make sure you have a good internet connection. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your phone to the Internet, via Mobile Data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Open phone settings.
  3. Scroll down and find the software update option.
  4. Now, there will be two options to check the software update. The first is to check updates automatically, and the other is manual. If it does not show any software update in automatically then go for manual check.
  5. If the update is available for you Oppo F15 or A19, then click on download.
  6. After downloading the update, your device will automatically reboot, and then you can enjoy the Oppo F15 new update or Oppo A91 android update.

Please NoteĀ 

  1. We recommend you to take a backup of a phone for a safer side.
  2. Make sure your phone is at least 30% charged.

That’s all for this article. We hope you liked it. Do not forget to share your experience with Oppo F15 ColorOS 7 update and Oppo A91 ColorOS 7 update. We will see you in the next one. Till then Be Safe and Be Happy.

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