Vivo Files Patent For Charging Brick with 3 Ports Similar To Xiaomi

Vivo is working on their gadgets and smartphones hardly. And, we see a lot of upcoming products that are to be launched in India. Now, there is some news that Vivo has filed a patent for the Charging Brick with 3 ports similar to the Xiaomi. The leaks started to come when they have filed a patent for the charging brick. And, as the Vivo Files patent for Charging Brick, so we are expecting that a lot of new gadgets are likely to come. The leaks are shared by LeakerBabaOfficial. So, here we will provide you with the Vivo files patent for charging brick in the article. So, read the full article to know more Vivo Files Patent For Charger:

Vivo Files Patent For Charging Brick

The images are shared by the @LeakerBabaOfficial and its exclusive news. So, check out the images first.

You can see in the images that the Charger has 3-USB Ports. These are the images of front and backside of the Charging Brick. As it is a patent so there is likely to be informed about the charger and plug by which the charger will start working.

So, you can see in the above images that the Charger is coming with 3 ports. By which you will be able to charge your smartphone as well as other gadgets. As there is no news about its Charging Capacity but its likely to come with fast charging support. You can also see that the plug of the Charger is for China. So, we can expect that there will be different design for Indian Users. It will be compatible with any devices and expected to come with good design for easy grip.

Vivo Charging Brick Launch Date in India

The Charging Brick Patent has been filed, and we are expecting that it will launch before August 2020 along with some other cool gadgets and smartphones.

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Source | @LeakerBabaOfficial

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