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Passwordless Sign-In Support By Apple, Google & Microsoft In The Works With FIDO



Passwordless Sign-In Support By Apple, Google & Microsoft

On May 5th, World Password Day – Apple, Google and Microsoft decided to bid adieu to the era of passwords we live in right now. Passwordless sign-in support by Apple, Google & Microsoft is in the works with FIDO (Fast Identity Online Alliance). A press release by FIDO talks about the numerous security threats that a password-only sign-in process has. A common one is the habit of using the same or similar passwords for all your accounts on various platforms. If the security for any one of them is breached, it puts everything at risk. From your bank passwords to your Netflix account, a secure passwordless sign-in method is the need of the hour. Let us take a look at what Apple, Google and Microsoft are working towards along with the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. 

What is Passwordless Sign-In Support By Apple, Google & Microsoft? 

It is not today that the concept of passwordless sign-in came into existence. Hundreds of companies all around the world have been trying to perfect this technology for well over years; closely in the works with the FIDO Alliance and the W3C. Apple, Google and Microsoft just happen to be at the forefront of this technological development. 

apple google and Microsoft working on password less sign in

How Does Passwordless Sign-In Support By Apple, Google & Microsoft Work? 

Here is a brief summary of how the passwordless sign-in support by Apple, Google & Microsoft is likely to be implemented in the world with the FIDO Alliance and the W3C Agency-

  • Users will be able to access their FIDO sign-in credentials on multiple devices without having to enroll from new each time. 
  • Users will be allowed to sign in to apps or websites on any nearby device irrespective of what OS or platform it is running. It will be made possible through FIDO authentication, thus eliminating the need for passwords entirely. 
  • Basically, instead of passwords, you will be needing authentications such as Face ID or fingerprint scanner which you use to unlock your smartphone on a daily basis.
  • The then and there authentication from your personal device into a nearby device is far more secure than passwords or even two-factor authentication via OTPs. 
  • If you’re wondering how all of this will be made possible, the answer is simple- passkey. Passkey is a cryptographic token that is shared between the phone and a nearby device while logging into a new website. It will make things much easier for us by eliminating the need for remembering passwords and thereby making it difficult for hackers to decode our credentials. 

A password-free digital future is approaching and it’s a much needed change from traditional passwords. Whether you like it or not, you have got to embrace it with an open mind because it’s here to stay. It’s no joke that three of the world’s biggest tech giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft, have come together to work on something this big if it is not revolutionary. The future of tech holds some amazing development as we can already see from the sneak peeks.

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