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Poco Introduces Its New Brand Logo, Mascot and Tagline



Today Poco has introduced its new brand logo, mascot and a new tagline. The changes have only been made for Poco India. Poco’s new tagline is “Made of Mad.” Moreover, Poco’s new mascot is designed with the combination of emoji, which appears in the logo as well. As per Poco, they have designed everything with a deep logic behind it. Poco has also shared an infographic, which states the importance of every element present on the logo and mascot.

Poco’s new logo actually looks like an emoji, but actually, it isn’t. According to Poco, the halo present on the head signifies that we are mad about something. The scary eyes signifies that we are always ready to present something unique. Back in 2018, Redmi has started Poco to target budget oriented market. Now, Poco is the third-largest smartphone brand in India.

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