Samsung Reveals New Energy-Efficient OLED Panel Details Used In The Galaxy S21 Ultra

Recently, Samsung has revealed more extra information about its new generation power-efficient OLED panels. Samsung’s new generation OLED panel currently sports the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This display is more efficient, at the same time brighter too. The new generation power-efficient OLED display is consuming 16% less power while increasing the brightness.
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Credit: Weibo
An experiment by GSMArena proves that the display is much brighter and it consumes limited battery as compared to the old panels. Moreover, it clearly states that Samsung’s new generation power-efficient OLED panels are more efficient than other displays technologies. However, it is not confirmed that when these new OLED panels will hit the market inside a new product. As of now, the only way to try this OLED panel is to use the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
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